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Facts to Know Before Hiring a Car Glass Repair Company

November 2, 2019
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While choosing a car, buyers look for a sleek design, comfort, and engine efficiency. Few consider automotive glass quality, even though it is an important safety feature. It isn’t uncommon for the car glass to crack and suffer damages owing to road conditions, rash driving, or weather troubles. 

When To Look For Repair Car Glass

Modern vehicles use two main types of car glass:

  • Tampered Glass: It is designed to break into fine, almost powdery pieces on impact. This type of glass is installed in window panes to protect the driver and passengers from injury
  • Laminated Glass: This car glass is made up of two pieces of glass joined by a laminated core. It is shatterproof and is installed in windshields 

A glass crack repair is possible if –

  1. the damage is limited to a single layer of the car’s front glass,
  2. there are no more than two chips on the damaged glass,
  3. the polyvinyl butyral layer is undamaged; and the cracked windshield does not begin at the end of the car glass frame

There are many repair car glass companies you can choose from, but you must be aware of certain things before you pick one. 

Repair First

Many car glass repair companies suggest a replacement for windshields and windows even for reparable damage. However, glass crack repair must be the first option. Small cracks can be fixed with adhesive kits available in departmental stores, and only complex ones require professional attention. If your glass repair company suggests a replacement, ask them about the kind of damage and the reason for replacement. Whenever possible, choose repair over replacement. 

Quality Matters

While many automotive glass repair facilities offer quick service, you must always check the quality of the material used. Experts prefer polyurethane over silicon to mend cracks. Be wary of a company that uses sealants like silicon instead of adhesives to repair cracked glass. A bad quality fix might seem like a cost-efficient option but can prove to be hazardous in the long run.

Save Time

Many car glass repair companies may ask you to leave your car at the facility for a few days. Note that the process of repair usually takes only a few minutes. Small chips and cracks can be fixed in an hour. In case of severe damage, go for companies that offer doorstep car glass repair services. 

AIS Windshield Experts offer high-quality car glass repair services in 80+ stores across 40+ cities in India. We use the latest technology and observe international safety procedures for car glass repair and replacement. Our trained experts use only high-quality windshield sealant and offer customised repair solutions for your car model.

We also offer doorstep replacement services for severely damaged glass. Our repair process is short and efficient, and we do not suggest replacement unless required. Visit a service centre near you for the best-in-class glass crack repair services.

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