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Although a robust structure, the windshield always runs the risk of getting damaged due to external elements. If your car windshield has been damaged and you are wondering whether it is safe to drive with a damaged windshield, the simple answer is 'no.' Contrary to popular belief, your car windshield is more than just a piece of glass. It functions as an essential safety component of your vehicle, so any damage incurred by your windshield is a significant safety hazard.

Why Must You Get Your Damaged Windshield Repaired?

Windshield damage, whether it's a crack or a chip, along with being an unsightly blemish on your car, is a major safety hazard that can put your life in grave danger. Here are the key reasons why getting your damaged windshield repaired is imperative.

An Obstruction to Clear Visibility

A crack or chip directly in your line-of-vision can hinder your driving, especially in rough weather or low light. Driving when your vision is compromised makes you oblivious to your surroundings and increases the chances of a major collision or road pile-up. Furthermore, cracks on your windshield can reflect sunlight, resulting in blinding glare. This can put you and the other passengers in your car in mortal danger.

Loss of Structural Integrity

One of the essential jobs that the windshield does is that it provides structural integrity to your vehicle. A windshield glass lends 40% structural strength to the roof of your vehicle. If the windshield glass is damaged, it will be unable to provide the structural support your car requires. This means that in a rollover accident, a damaged windshield will be unable to support the car roof, leading to the roof collapsing and causing fatal injuries to passengers.

Incorrect Deployment of Airbags

If your car gets into a major collision, the windshield helps in the proper deployment of airbags. The car windshield serves as the backstop for the airbags so that they inflate towards the passengers. However, if the windshield is chipped or cracked, the airbag's force will shatter the windshield, leading to an airbag deployment malfunction. An incorrect airbag deployment will be unable to protect passengers in the hour of need.

Fatal Accidents

The windshield is designed to offer maximum safety to the car’s occupants. However, a damaged windshield will fail to do so. A damaged windscreen will be unable to bear the severe impact of a front-end collision, the way a regular windshield can. Suppose you get caught in an accident, and you are not wearing a seatbelt. In that case, the accident's harsh impact can cause you to be forcefully ejected out of the vehicle as a damaged windshield will be unable to act as a layer of protection. If your car windshield already has cracks, the glass will shatter easily in the event of a collision or impact, and the flying glass can cause further grave injuries to the passengers.

Types of Windshield Damages


Whether or not a windshield chip can be repaired solely depends on the chip's location, size, and severity. A simple repair job can repair minor chips that do not exceed 40mm in diameter. Furthermore, if the chip damage is limited to the outer layer of the windshield glass, a repair job can easily suffice. Minor chips are repairable, but you should be proactive about it. If minor chips are left unattended, they will only become worse over time, wherein getting a complete replacement of your windshield becomes the only resort.

However, not all chip damage can be fixed by a simple repair job. If the chip damage exceeds 40mm in diameter or has penetrated both the glass layers, then a repair job isn't feasible, and you will have to get the windshield replaced. However, keep in mind that at most, two chips can only be repaired. If your windshield is littered with several chips, then it is best to get the windshield replaced.


To repair windshield crack is not feasible if the crack begins or ends at the edge of the windshield. Similarly, to repair windshield crack is also not advised if the Poly Vinyl Butyral (PVB) layer of the windshield has been damaged. All in all, cracks, irrespective of the size, can compromise your vehicle's structural integrity; therefore, to just repair windshield crack will leave you with a structurally weak windshield. Thus, you must get a windshield replacement.

Make the Right Choice

If you have a damaged windshield, the correct way to deal with it is to get it checked and fixed by professionals immediately. Windshield professionals can assess the damage correctly and inform you whether a repair job will suffice or a replacement is needed.

When looking for professional solutions for your windshield woes, head to AIS Windshield Experts. As a subsidiary of Asahi India Glass Limited and India's most extensive windshield repair and replacement network, we offer 100% genuine windshield glass. With us, you get a one-year written warranty on the materials used and our workmanship. Our experts use high-grade equipment and follow international safety standards while working on your windshield. To know more, check windshield repair and windshield replacement.

Our 90+ conveniently-located service centres and numerous mobile vans can provide you professional windshield solutions anytime, anywhere! To avail our services, contact us at 1800 102 6364 today!

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