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Myths about Cracked Windshield Repair

August 25, 2020
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Often car owners do not realize how critical it is to invest in an original windshield from a real expert until something goes wrong. It is no secret that if it weren’t for windscreens, you would be hit by debris, insects, rain, etc. Additionally, windshields are the primary safety contact in case of an accident. Given the heavy-duty responsibilities of this structure, even a chip or crack demands timely attention. But, several myths are hovering around the topic of what to do if your car’s windscreen gets damaged.

One of the primary points of contemplation is whether you should choose to go for a windshield repair or replacement. Remember, even a “negligibly” chipped window is an accident waiting to happen, and the same goes for a poorly installed windscreen. In either case, you must wheel your car to an expert and get them to decide whether your windshield needs repair or replacement.

Before you begin the process of attending to a damaged windscreen, here are a few myths surrounding this structure’s repair and replacement that you must consider.

Myth # 1 Any Automotive Garage Can Repair or Replace a Windshield

This statement is entirely untrue! Repairing or replacing a windshield is a rather complicated and technical task, one that should be done by a windscreen specialist. Look for brands of repute who do this type of work all the time – for example, AIS Windshield Experts. Brands like this are renowned for deploying the best tools, equipment, and technicians that are properly certified and have received professional training.

Moreover, go for a service provider that offers an extended warranty on workmanship besides the materials used. Remember, it is not enough to get a warranty just on the windshield; the same is needed on the workmanship of the technicians.

Myth # 2 Windshield Repair/ Replacement Takes Days

The truth is far from it! A credible windshield repair and replacement company will go out of their way to offer you services. From providing on-site and off-site support to accommodating your busy schedule by showing up only on the day you want, there is nothing they won’t do. Also, windshield repair or replacement does not take days or even one day. A reliable expert who has a professionally-trained squad offers a quick turnaround time of say two to four hours and hands your car back for use.

Sure, there will be a few restrictions that your expert will educate you on. For example, keep your windscreen away from water for a day or two, or keep it away from direct sunlight, until the glue has completely dried off, etc.

Myth #3 You Can Wait for Years to Fix a Windshield Ding or Crack

A small chip or ding may not require immediate or urgent attention, but it does need expert intervention sooner than later. Why? A small crack or chip on your windshield will assuredly keep growing until it weakens the windshield to such an extent that even a minor incident might break the entire thing completely, thus causing more harm to the people sitting inside.

Timely repair is cheaper, rather than letting it snowball into a full-blown replacement. Additionally, in the meantime, if you meet with a severe car crash or are in a roll-over accident, a weakened or detached windshield might allow the car’s roof to cave-in on the people inside.

Myth # 4 Only Big Incidents Damage a Windshield

Not at all! Small, hairline cracks often happen due to gravel colliding with the windshield when you are cruising at high speed. However, the nature of damage to the windshield depends on how fast you were going, and its size and shape.

This does not mean you drive slowly on expressways, but now that you know that any potential debris – small or large, can damage your car, be careful when driving on dusty, gravelly roads.

The Bottom Line

Remember to always go with a trusted expert when it comes to caring for your automotive windshield. You can tap into your family and friends network and read online reviews for streamlining your search.

Are you looking for windshield repair or replacement services? If so, then turn to AIS Windshield Experts – India’s leading automotive-care company. We offer high-quality windshields with a one-year written warranty on the product and our workmanship. Our professionally-trained team of experts uses highly specialised tools to provide you with a seamless end-to-end windshield repair and replacement service.

With a network of 80+ centres across 45+ cities, our technicians are easy to reach. And, if you cannot find the time to come to us, we will service your car at the location of choice.

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