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June 8, 2015
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Safety and time are the two most important things one cares of in today’s times. While travelling in car, windshield glass is the only interface you have to the outside world. So, it becomes one of the important parts of your car. Its safety, durability and performance are your safety and efficiency.

Driving around with a cracked or chipped windshield glass is a safety hazard, and both the driver as well as passenger could be at great risk. Timely auto glass repair and replacement is essential to your safety.

So, whenever your car windshield is replaced, it is very important to have trained technicians working on your car windshield. A tight bonding to the structures for safety purposes and their long life is also essential. Thus, it becomes necessary to use good adhesives and sealants in addition to good windshield glass which can bind your glass to the car and give infallible strength to it.

Windshield Experts provide these services for you at your doorstep, if required and to address the safety concerns, we use adhesives and sealants that:-

  • Meet the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications and standards.
  • Be user friendly, proven in performance and durability and allowing the auto glazier to provide a faster turnaround.

Unlike earlier times when indirect sealants were used in rubber gasket type installations, today majority of the world’s car producers use direct glazing with these adhesives. We also at Windshield Experts use these sealants and primers for the automotive glass replacement to provide a better service.

Windshield Experts use direct adhesive and sealants which are bonded directly to vehicle body. These sealants have high tensile strength, good adhesion qualities are durable and flexible enough to allow movement under normal driving conditions. They are versatile to cope with the differing substrate conditions of replacement vehicles and the diverse environmental considerations of temperature and humidity.

The most popular adhesive sealant used today by the world’s automotive industry for glazing is polyurethane and its derivatives. Windshield Experts also use these urethane adhesives for your windshield glass replacement so you also match the world standards.

The strength of this urethane provided by us meets all the current safety requirements. It is also safe to use this approved urethane to replace your older models of vehicles that have been installed with polysulphides, butyl type or any other of such kind.

While replacing your cracked windshield glass, we also ensure the right balance between the viscosity and thixotropy of the adhesives. Also these urethane adhesives would not leave those little trails of adhesive all over where you least want it.

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