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Safe practices in windshield replacement: Issues due to wrong fitment and non-genuine products

June 1, 2015
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We might not often think of it, but the windshield is one of the most important safety systems in your car. The windshield not only has to ensure an undistorted view of the road ahead, but it is also a critical component in the structural strength of the body of the car. The properties of the windshield affect the way the car deforms in case of a head on collision and its strength is vital to help maintain the structural integrity of the car. It must also support the airbag on the passenger side (which is designed to use the windshield as a support when deployed), allowing it to deploy in the right way to cushion the passenger. Hence, it must be able to withstand a degree of impact without breaking. The windshield should be regarded as a safety feature which is as important as any other safety features in the car. The right tools, methods and training are required to ensure a safe, reliable and secure installation.

Using high quality adhesives and Installation Methods are Crucial

The installation process for windshield replacement should be very thorough and carried out with high grade adhesive in order to retain the designed properties of the car. A windshield, installed with the correct adhesive, heated to the correct temperature, guarantees that the safety properties of the car remain without compromise. Using the right adhesives plays a major role in bonding the windshield with the same strength as when assembled in the factory, while also providing a minimal curing time. The strength of that bond is crucial for both:

  1. a) the function of the passenger airbag, and
  2. b) the overall rigidity of the body structure.

This is critical for the safety of the passengers and should never be ignored. Test after test has revealed that many low grade adhesives do not have the strength to maintain the bond of the windshield to the frame during passenger airbag deployment.

 The Right Parts without Compromise

There are many low quality and generic windshields available today. Since these windshields are economical, generic windshields are developed which ‘fit’ multiple cars. A customer needs to make sure genuine windshields are always used which are specific to their model. Using genuine windshield does not compromise fitment. A windshield replacement with a genuine windshield ensures that the safety systems that are dependent on the windshield continue to function and the safety of the passengers is never compromised. Only the right windshield ensures that these safety systems perform optimally after replacement, and that they function as designed.

We, at Windshield Experts, make sure the windshields are tested for numerous requirements. When replacing the windshield, it is of course just as important that all features function as intended and expected. At Windshield Experts, all required operations are known and carried out using the necessary systems assuring that everything is put back in working order. To know more, click

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