Different Types of Car Windshield Damage that Every One Should Know


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Windshield Damaged

The windshield in car is no less than a frontline warrior. It bears a lot, be it an onslaught of a hailstorm or harsh external impact. As the windshield is subjected to an endless assault of outside elements, it is susceptible to damage more often than one would tend to think. When your car windshield has suffered damages, the best course of action would be to get it repaired or replaced immediately, as the case may be.

Types of Car Windshield Damage

The kind of damage that your windshield incurs determines whether you have to opt for a windshield repair or replacement. Given below are the types of windshield damages.

Minor Chips

An impact from a pebble or stone can leave behind a chip on the windshield in car. Whether a windshield chip requires a repair or a replacement depends on the chip’s size, location, and, most importantly, severity. Skilled technicians can easily repair minor chips that do not exceed 40mm in diameter. Moreover, if the chip damage is limited to the outer layer of the windshield glass, it is repairable.

Given below are some different types of chips that can occur on the windshield in car.

Star Break

As the name suggests, this chip damage is shaped like a starburst on the windshield. It has cracks of various lengths coming out from the point of impact. When these chips are left unattended, they can spread and weaken the windshield in car. Therefore, you should get it repaired immediately.

Bull’s Eye

Bull’s eye is the most common type of windshield chip damage that can occur. This chip damage is small in size and features a circular break with a pit in the centre. If these chips are treated on time by trained professionals, they can be repaired without much hassle.

Clover Leaf

This chip damage involves a separation of the under-layer of glass. Under proper guidance, this chip can easily be repaired, provided you attend to it on time.


The half-moon windshield chip is a half-circle in the middle. Windshield repair experts can fix this type of chip easily.

Bee’s Wing

This windshield chip is similar to the star break and is also repairable.

Combination Break

The combination break features a combination of different types of windshield chips that were previously mentioned. This chip damage is also easily repairable by windshield experts.

Minor chips can be repaired, but you need to be proactive about it and act on time. If minor chips are left unattended, they can expand and worsen, wherein getting the windshield in car replaced becomes the only feasible option.

Irreparable Chips

It’s not possible to repair all types of windshield chips. If the chip exceeds 40mm in diameter, a windshield replacement becomes necessary. Furthermore, if the damage penetrates both the layers of the glass, the windshield needs to be replaced. Moreover, a simple repair job is also not an ideal solution if the damage is in the driver’s line-of-sight. If you find your windshield in car littered with several chips, then also it is best to get your windshield replaced.


Cracks on your windshield are quite a common occurrence. Repairing the windshield crack is not feasible if the crack begins or ends at the edge of the windshield as it can compromise the glass’ integrity. A crack repair is also not the right choice if the Poly Vinyl Butyral layer of the windshield glass has been damaged. All in all, cracks can compromise your car's structural integrity, which is why a replacement becomes the ideal solution for dealing with them.

Hazards of a Damaged Windshield in Car

The windshield in car is an integral safety component, which is why driving around with a damaged windshield is a major safety hazard. The foremost concern is that of proper visibility, especially if the damage lies in the line-of-sight. Then comes the problem of weak structural integrity owing – in case of further impact, the car's roof could collapse, or passengers could be ejected out of the vehicle. Finally, proper airbag deployment also depends upon a healthy windshield.

If you find the windshield in car damaged, seek professional guidance immediately. A damaged windshield can endanger your life and the lives of your fellow passengers, which is why you must take the necessary corrective measures to get your windshield restored to its pristine state.

When looking for professional solutions for your windshield in car, turn to AIS Windshield Experts. We are known to offer 'faster, safer, and better' repair and replacement services for your windshield. Our windshield experts follow international safety norms and are equipped with top-of-the-line equipment and industry-best products to undertake windshield repair and replacement.

To know more, read more about our windshield repair and windshield replacement services. We offer a one-year written warranty on our workmanship and products used. With us, you can get your windshield fixed at one of our 90+ conveniently-located service centres across 50+ cities, or you can contact us at 1800 102 6364 to get your windshield repaired or replaced at your doorstep.

So, contact us today!

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