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Repairing Damaged Windshield at Doorstep: Complete Guide

Who doesn’t like an undisrupted routine, but now and then, occurrences of certain events stir up disturbances. And car troubles are one of them! When it comes to your vehicle’s safety net, its front window, also called a windshield, is a frontrunner in keeping you safe. But, even the sturdiest of windshields can crack, chip, ding, or detach. In such an event, you can’t help but immediately go to an auto glass repair shop, which is both inconvenient, and not always possible.

For instance, if your windscreen develops multiple cracks, you need to seek professional help immediately. But, it becomes impossible to drive a vehicle with severely compromised visibility to the shop. So, what do you do? You get a mobile auto glass service provider to come and service your car at your location of convenience.

More and more people today prefer mobile windshield replacement for the following reasons.

Faster and Convenient

This is the most apparent reason behind why people search “car windshield replacement near me” option on their smartphones. Mobile windscreen replacement fits so many lifestyles. You don’t have to put your entire day on hold while you sit inside a waiting room, waiting for the service provider to hand back your car. When you get your windshield repaired or replaced using a mobile service, one or more than one technicians promptly arrive at your place of choice with all the tools and equipment to complete the job.

You can even be at your office and have a windshield expert come and service your vehicle. Having said this, in-shop repair or replacement mostly take anywhere between two to four hours, depending on the technical prowess of the automotive repair company you have chosen. If you need to get your windshield repaired or replaced on a rainy day, mobile auto glass technicians can come over as long as you have a covered area for them to work. Remember to keep your car away from moisture before the appointment and also afterwards, until the adhesive cures.

No Additional Charges

You may think that calling an auto glass technician home or at any other location will cost extra, but it doesn’t. A dependable windshield expert of high repute will arrive without skimping on tools and workforce and conduct the repair or replacement in the same manner as they would have done at the shop. In addition to not paying extra with your money and time otherwise spent on travelling to the repair centre, you end up saving a lot of stress and fuel.

Who wouldn’t want to avail of automotive-care services if they don’t cost extra and offer the same quality of service, right at their doorstep? Furthermore, if you wish to claim insurance against an expensive windshield replacement, you can voice your concern to the team at your door.

Watch Experts at Work

If you have selected a reputed auto glass expert, you don’t need to worry about the quality of service, whether in-shop or off-site. But, it is still reassuring to be able to witness the technicians working on your windshield in front of you. Not only that, but you can also ask them questions or clear confusions about the dos and don’ts regarding windshield care.

However, when you hand over your vehicle at a repair centre, most likely you won’t be able to witness the repair or replacement process. Several customers think of mobile windshield repair and replacement service as having a personal chef rather than ordering inside a restaurant.

Service Provided on Your Timeline

As mentioned before, countless customers love that mobile auto glass-care services come to them at the most convenient time of day. Whether you work from home or go to the office early in the morning, you don’t have to alter your schedule to fit them in it. Imagine you have a meeting and your vehicle with the chipped or cracked windshield is parked in a lot all day, mobile windshield repair technicians can take care of it without you being physically present.

Afterwards, they can come up to your office and return the key along with the copy of the bill. No wonder more and more people are preferring this system of caring for their automotive windshield.

Final Thoughts

The most significant bit here is to find a reliable automotive glass expert who offers great on-site as well as off-site support. Ask your friends and family to help you find one, or scour the internet to streamline your search.

You can also call AIS Windshield Experts – India’s largest auto glass service providers. We offer our services across 90+ service centres in more than 50+ cities in India along with excellent turnaround time and doorstep services. Our team of experts uses top-of-the-line tools and have years of experience tending to automotive windshields. You also get a one-year written warranty on workmanship and materials used. Following a ‘Repair First’ policy, we will recommend a replacement only when necessary; however, remember that it is not advisable to repair crack in windshield since it greatly compromises a vehicle’s structural strength. To know more about windshield repair, click here.

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