What to expect during a Renault Duster Windshield Replacement?


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Renault Duster windshield replacement guide

Ever since its launch in 2012, Renault Duster has been leading in sales, thanks to its spacious interiors and reasonable price. Having a chipped or cracked windshield is not only an eyesore but also extremely dangerous as it won’t be able to protect the driver and passengers from the harsh impact during a collision.

If you’re unfamiliar with the process then this article might come in handy as we have covered everything you need to know regarding windshield replacement.

Why do you need a windshield replacement?

If you’re wondering why a slightly cracked windshield won’t do the job, then you need to read on as we have listed a few reasons why your windshield needs to be in top-notch condition at all times!

    • Safeguarding from external factors

The original purpose of the windshield was to make sure that all the dust and grime stayed outside the car. It not only helps in driving safely during stormy weather but also keeps you safe inside the car so your vision or concentration isn’t disturbed due to dust particles, the wind or an insect!

    • Greater clarity

Another reason why you are advised to replace or repair your windshield in time is that if the glass is cracked or damaged, you won’t be able to get a clear view of the road ahead while driving. This might create blind spots or reduce the view of the driver which might result in a fatal accident.

    • Creates a protective shield

Windshields are now made with extremely sturdy and durable material which can act as an additional layer of security must an accident happen. An undamaged windshield absorbs the impact and saves you from injury in case of a collision or rollover and acts as a support for the airbags.

Does the quality of the glass matter?

The glass used for the windshield should be of superior quality as it might be the only thing between life and death in crucial moments. You need to ensure that the windshield supplier makes these glasses as per the guidelines rolled out by the OEM to make sure there’s no room for mistakes. You can opt for the following glasses, depending on the benefits they offer.

    • Laminated Glass

This kind of glass helps in saving fuel and money as it helps in reducing the heat inside the car so your cooling system doesn’t have to work overtime. It is lightweight, thin and sturdy. It minimises damage as the glass shards don’t fly around and also blocks external noise quite efficiently.

    • Solar glass

Solar glasses can help keep the heat at bay as it is composed of a special material that prevents heat transfer and blocks harmful UV rays (thanks to the invisible film applied to the glass). It can allow in the same amount of light as its traditional counterparts so you won’t have to worry about the light getting blocked, the extreme heat or excessive fuel consumption.

    • Tempered glass

You can also opt for tempered glass for your windshield as it is very sturdy and durable. It is made by heating and then cooling the glass rapidly which results in the hardening of the outer layer while the inner layer is induced with tension. Although the glass can’t be repaired (it has to be replaced in case of damage), it ensures that the roof is rigid and provides much-needed support to the airbags during rollovers and collisions.

When is windshield replacement required?

If the crack on the glass is larger than a currency note or is located at a point that hampers with the view of the road ahead, then you need to go for windshield replacement at the earliest. If the damage is around the edges, then it’s best to get it checked by the mechanic as the windshield might pop out anytime.

What to do after windshield replacement?

What After Windshield Replacement

Once the mechanic has replaced the windshield, you need to keep the following things in mind.

  1. Make sure to do a quick test to spot any gaps. You can either pour some water on the windshield or take the car on a quick test drive. If the water seeps into the interiors or you hear a “whoosh” sound while driving, it implies that there’s a gap between the frame and windshield that you need to get fixed
  2. Avoid driving around too much as the constant opening and closing of the door results in a change of pressure inside the car and the windshield might pop out if the adhesive isn’t fixed.
  3. You can keep the windows open to reduce the air pressure and help in faster drying of the adhesive.
  4. Don’t remove the retention tape immediately as it helps in properly sealing the edges and helps in putting the adhesive in place.
  5. You should avoid taking your car to car washes soon after windshield replacement as it might hamper the moulding and result in leaks.

Now that you know about all the important factors, tips and the entire process of windshield replacement, go ahead and book an appointment with a windshield expert to replace your Renault Duster’s windshield without any hesitation!

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