What Should You Do If You Need an i10 Grand Windshield Replacement?


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i10 Grand Windshield Replacement: Steps to follow

Just as your body requires proper care and love for proper functioning similarly a car also requires proper maintenance to prevent it from deterioration. While most people think that the engine, suspension and brakes are the most important parts of a car, the windshield is another important part that people tend to forget about. So here’s an article for all Hyundai i10 Grand owners looking to replace their car’s windshield.

Importance of the windshield

Hyundai i10 Grand Windshield

The windshield of the car is an integral part of the vehicle which provides structural integrity and helps in keeping the driver as well as the passenger safe. Apart from that there are numerous other benefits associated with it and some of them are given below:

    • Provides clear vision

The basic function of the windshield or windscreen is to provide the user with a clear and unobstructed view of the front. A damaged windshield not only decreases the driver’s view thus making it harder to drive properly.

    • Acts as a protective shield

The windshield of the car acts as a protective shield and shields the driver, passenger and the interior of the car from dust, dirt, stones, bugs, strong wind, rain, snow and many other outer elements.

    • Helps in proper deployment of airbags

During a collision, the windshield absorbs the impact on the airbags acting as a backstop for the airbags to inflate towards the driver and the passengers protecting them from any harm that might befall them.

When should you get your windshield replaced?

A simple crack or chip doesn’t mean that you should run to your nearest windshield expert and get the entire thing replaced. If there is only minor damage, you can get it easily repaired which makes it important to know when should you get your i10 Grand’s windshield replaced and here are some ways that will help you decide:

    • How large is the damage

The size of the damage is one of the most important factors in deciding whether to get your i10 Grand’s windshield replaced or not. In general, if the damage is larger than the size of a currency note then you should get your windshield replaced without any delay.

    • Position of the damage

Position of the damage is another important deciding factor in the repair vs replacement debate. If the damage is small but obstructs the view of the driver then the windshield needs to be replaced immediately to ensure a safe driving experience.

    • Amount of damage

A small amount of damage means you can get by with only a repair. If your i10 Grand’s windshield has fewer than 3 chips, you are good to go but anything more than that means a windshield replacement is required. If the damage is around the edge of the windshield then even one chip or crack is enough.

How to find the right experts?

Finding the right experts for your i10’s windshield replacement is not as hard as it used to be thanks to strong internet connectivity as well as search engines such as Google. You can get a list of windshield experts from Google and shortlist them through the reviews posted online or on the basis of other factors such as the nature of warranty they provide, off-site assistance, customer support and many others.

Windshield replacement aftercare

Now that you have got your i10 grand’s windshield replaced, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before going back to regular usage. Here is a list of some of the things you should note after getting your car’s windshield replaced:

    • Wait for sometime

A windshield remains in place because of an adhesive that creates a strong waterproof seal. The adhesive requires time to dry off, so you shouldn’t drive the car for at least 2 hours to make sure the adhesive has completely dried off.

    • Keep a window open

A car’s windshield is exposed to high air pressure while driving which can lead to leaks. You can prevent the development of leaks simply by rolling down your car windows by an inch to decrease the air pressure.

    • Let the retention tape remain there

The retention tape ensures proper sealing by protecting it from outer elements as the adhesive dries out. The retention tape might look unpleasant to look at but you should let it be there for at least 2 days to make sure your i10 grand has a proper seal.

    • Avoid car washes

Modern car washes use powerful washers that might damage the new mouldings resulting in leaks which makes it important to stay away from car washes at least until the seal completely dries off. If your car is in dire need of a wash then you can give it a nice regular hand wash.

Now that you have read the above article, you are now ready to get your Hyundai i10 Grand’s windshield replaced with a new one and provide proper aftercare to it for a longer lifetime.

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