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The only safety net between you and the outside world while driving is your windshield. Take it out of the car, and your ride becomes more or less useless! So, if you have a broken, chipped, or cracked windshield, don’t wait around longer, and get a car glass replacement as soon as possible.

However, most car owners don’t have such clarity, as they think the crack is too small or the chip is too insignificant to cause any severe damage. But the thing about windshields is that the location of the crack or chip matters the most instead of the size. If the damage is in between the line of sight, even if it is too small, you have to get a car glass replacement done immediately, as it poses too great a threat to your safety.

To help you understand when glass replacement becomes necessary, we have prepared a list of the most common situations that car owners face when it comes to dealing with damaged windshields. Here’s a rundown of the list:

1. When the windshield becomes loose and starts rattling

If your windshield has become too loose, so much so that it has started rattling, take it as an indication to get a car glass replacement.

A windshield generally becomes loose and starts rattling after a car accident. Why? Well, heavy impact near the windshield can cause damage to the urethane seal that keeps the windshield affixed in one place. Once the seal becomes damaged, there is no technique available to replace or repair it. Hence, the replacement of the windshield makes sense!

When you equip your car with a new windshield, rest assured your in-car safety will increase in manifolds.

2. When the windshield is cracked or chipped

The most common reason why car owners generally opt for car glass replacement is because of a cracked or chipped windshield.

However, ascertaining why your windshield got chipped or cracked can become a difficult task. It can become damaged if a stone from road debris hits your windshield. Moreover, it can also become cracked or chipped because of temperature extremes. For instance, hot water poured on an icy windshield can result in damage. Another common reason for chipped or cracked windshields is accidents.

The bottom line is that if your windshield becomes chipped or cracked, it would be wise to get a car glass replacement as soon as possible.

3. When the windshield is pitted

If you don’t know what windshield pitting is, it is the natural form of wear and tear that takes place on the glass. It is amongst the most common reasons for car glass replacement because pitted glass can cause temporary sunspots and blindness, becoming a potential threat to your safety.

Another threat posed by windshield pitting is the increased chances of cracks, chips, and shatters. This is because as and when the sand, dirt, and debris scratches away at the glass, it affects its structural integrity, making it weak. Overall, if you have a pitted windshield, it might be time to get a car glass replacement.

What are the benefits of replacing my car glass?

When you replace your glass, you would enjoy multiple benefits in the long run. Here are a couple of their benefits:

1. Optimal protection against adverse weather conditions

In comparison to cracked or chipped glass, a new windshield would surely provide better protection against adverse weather conditions. For instance, if you face a hailstorm while driving, a compromised windshield would not be able to withstand the force of nature. However, a car glass replacement would be able to withstand it without any hassle.

2. Better visual clarity

When your car’s glass is covered with multiple cracks or chips, it would certainly distract you while driving. Moreover, if they are between your line of sight, it could also lead to potential car accidents. On the other hand, if you replace it timely with a fresh glass, you would get better visual clarity, free from cracks or chips!

Apart from these, some of its other notable benefits are enhanced window strength, potential cost savings, and a better driving experience.

Where can I get the car glass replacement done?

So, you have decided to get a windshield replacement done. The next question is, where can I get the job done? Well, if all you are looking for is quality, efficiency, and craftsmanship, then take your car down to Windshield Experts, a subsidiary of AIS Glass. Led by a team of seasoned professionals who back their skills with their decades of experience, they can help you get your car glass replacement done in a jiffy!

Want to learn more about windshield replacement? Then make sure to get in touch with us today!

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