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Signs it’s time for a Hyundai Santro Windshield Replacement

October 1, 2021
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Without a windshield, driving would become downright dangerous. Debris, dust, and high-speed winds would come up against your face, jeopardizing your safety on the road. As a windshield is all that stands between you and extreme road conditions, you must know when is the right time to get a windshield replacement. Why? Well, even a slightly chipped or cracked windshield poses a threat to the integrity of your car, exposing it to severe damage.

If you are observing that your Hyundai Santro’s windshield might be up for a replacement, don’t hesitate to look for signs or indications that show your windshield is compromised. Some of the most common signs for Hyundai Santro windshield replacement are cracks or chips appearing around the panel, pitted windshield, or rattling sounds that come from the windshield while driving. In case you notice any one of these signs, make sure to get your Hyundai Santro windshield replacement done as soon as possible.

Let us take a deeper look into these signs to know when windshield replacement becomes absolutely necessary:

1. Scratches, cracks, or chips

Crystal clear visibility is crucial to ensure road safety, and cracks, chips, or scratches can impede your ability to see. Most of the time, you merely have a split second to react on the road, and these flaws can cause distortion and even create a blind spot, exponentially increasing the chances of accidents. Hence, hindered road visibility should not be taken lightly!

As nearly 46% of fatal crashes take place due to compromised line of sight, you must get your Hyundai Santro windshield replacement done quickly, if it is battered with cracks, scratches, or chips. Even if it is a minor chip, don’t put it off for a later date as it could develop into a bigger problem. For instance, if a small rock from road debris hits the chipped spot, your entire windshield could get shattered within a few seconds. Hence, be it cracks, chips, or scratches, if any of them are present on your panel, get your Hyundai Santro windshield replacement done as soon as possible!

2. Pitted windshield

In case you don’t know what windshield pitting is, it is the natural wear and tear of a windshield, which is often caused because of road debris, sand, and dust. Year after year, as and when your windshield becomes pitted, you would observe that your glass is wearing down in patches. Such patches can trap light, making way for sunspots or temporary blindness.

You would have to get your Hyundai Santro windshield replacement done if your glass has pitted-caused patches. Why? Well, unfortunately, there is no repair available for pitted windshields, and the only way around them is the replacement. It is important to replace pitted windshields swiftly because they can distract you while driving and pose a threat to your safety.

3. Rattling sounds

If you got your Hyundai Santro windshield replacement done from a shady garage earlier and are now hearing rattling sounds, chances are the replacement was faulty. While the windshield replacement process is not at all complex for experienced players, it can become difficult for freshers. Hence, it is always recommended to get your Hyundai Santro windshield replacement done by seasoned professionals.

Now, if you hear rattling sounds from your windshield every time your car hits a bump, you have to get it checked and replaced. This is because it means the windshield has not been placed perfectly between the frame, and over a period, it could lead to severe problems.

4. Stress cracks

Did you know that your windshield can also be damaged from the inside? This type of internal damage is generally caused due to stress cracks, which usually occur around the edges of the windshield. However, they can soon spread to the centre of the glass, posing a threat to crystal clear visibility.

But the question is, how do they form? Well, stress cracks can appear on your windshield for multiple reasons. But the most common ones are temperature changes, manufacturing defects, faulty installation, loud noises, or general wear and tear. Hence, you must immediately get your Hyundai Santro windshield replacement done in case it is battered with stress cracks.

Where can I get the best Hyundai Santro windshield replacement done?

If you are all for quality service and efficient results, then start your car and take it down to Windshield Experts, a subsidiary of AIS Glass. Replacing windshields for more than a decade and spearheaded by a team of experienced professionals who know every little thing about windshields, we can help you get your Hyundai Santro windshield replacement done before you even know it! Plus, we also offer home pick-up services for those who can’t drive their car down to our shop.

To learn more about windshield replacement, make sure to get in touch with us today!

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