What to expect during a Honda City Windshield Glass Replacement?


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One of the first questions that people have when it comes to their Honda City Windshield Glass Replacement is how long will the replacement process take? More often than not, the process itself takes 6 hours, and depending on when you get the car to the garage (and whether there are any free mechanics at that point), you can expect to take your car back home on the same day, or the next. While you may be in a hurry to get your car back, it is important to note that it's better to leave it for that day just so that any issues with the replacement can be spotted and corrected right then and there.

Should you expect anything to go wrong?

The Honda City Windshield Glass Replacement process is typically a smooth one - experienced mechanics know what they are doing and will give you the car back in good shape. However, there are a few checks that you can conduct on your own to ascertain whether the replacement has been done correctly. Some of these checks are:

  • The water check - direct a hose towards your windshield and let the water land on it. Then, check whether any water has seeped into the interiors of the car. If you notice water inside your car, it means that the windshield has not been placed correctly.
  • The Air check - while driving, making sure that the radio is turned off. Try to listen for a whooshing sound coming from the windshield. This sound is not supposed to be there. The whooshing indicates that there is a gap between the windshield and the frame, and that air is being let into the car.

Now these gaps might not be large enough to be visible, but they are still dangerous as they can cause the windshield to pop out or break when you are driving. This is why it is important to only have Windshield Experts handle the Honda City Windshield Glass Replacement.

Will the quality of glass used play a role in visibility?

Yes, the quality of the glass used during the Honda City Windshield Glass Replacement will play a big role in the overall visibility. Low-quality glass can cause the light to refract, and thereby tamper with the visibility. As you can imagine, this can lead to many safety hazards while you’re driving. Low-quality glass is also prone to breakages and can pose a danger through this too.

When you bring your car to WIndshield Experts, you’ll be glad to know that we only use high-quality glass manufactured by AIS, India’s most renowned glass manufacturer. This ensures that the windshield offers the best visibility so that you never have to worry about that while driving. This is why you should always come to us for the Honda City Windshield Glass Replacement.

How does the process take place?

Experience mechanics will follow a set of steps to make sure that the Honda City Windshield Glass Replacement is done correctly. Based on whether the windshield is shattered entirely or just has a chip, the mechanic may follow one of the following approaching:

  • Fixing the windshield: When there is a small chip or crack in the windshield, the mechanic will clean the area around the chip to dislodge broken pieces of glass. Then, he/she will fill in a material called resin in the hole. The resin has to lie undisturbed for a few hours for it to set perfectly and appear smooth. When the process is over, you won’t be able to tell that there ever was a chip or crack in the glass.
  • Honda City Windshield Glass Replacement: When there are multiple large cracks in the windshield, then the experts might recommend a total Honda City Windshield Glass Replacement. In this process, the mechanic will first remove the glass itself. Then the frame and its components will be removed. The new glass will be put in place and then the frame will be put back onto the car.

Is Honda City Windshield Glass Replacement important?

Yes, whether your windshield has a single crack or chip or multiple large ones, it is important to get the same fixed immediately. This is because a damaged windshield can tamper with your overall visibility, leading to problems while driving.

Head down to Windshield Experts to get the Honda City Windshield Glass Replacement done on time! You can find the nearest center through our website!

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