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Future advancements of Windshields

January 28, 2016
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Automakers always lay emphasis on the windshield as it supports 70% of the car’s framework. It is the only interface we have with the outside world while driving. Hence, it is important for car owners to keep the windshield in good condition by keeping a regular check on it. Change and advancement in technology has become mandatory in every field. To step together with the changing environment, traffic on roads and advancement in cars, change in windshields is inevitable. New and more technologically developed windscreens can only manage with the new cars.

Automakers are trying to invigorate the windshield by making it operational for the owners like, the water-repellent nanotechnology. It consists of multi-layered glass screens. First screen simply repels rain water and filters rays of the sun. This type of windshield seems to be very helpful, especially in rains.

How can this digital world be left behind? It is developing its platform for cars to enter into it. Tablets and smartphones are being introduced in car windshields.Apart from this, a new type of windshield is being thought of by experts, which can predict and provide real-time information to the drivers. This type of windshield is only a few years distant from today. These windshields will act as an interactive visual display for each and everything going in, out and around the car.

The windshield will provide information about all the issues from parts of the car to speed and fuel. The researchers are working hard on the technology. It will also combine almost all the visual sensors, online maps and GPS technology which will provide the drivers with visual and live information about the places nearby and weather conditions. Even an automaker is developing a technology that has sensors which can track vital stats of your body by pairing with gadgets.

So, India is a country that adopts the new technology as soon as it is in the market.

At windshield Experts, we are constantly updating our technology to provide you the safest, reliable and durable windshield.

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