What can happen if you keep driving Hyundai Creta with a cracked windscreen?


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Driving Hyundai Creta with cracked windscreen

A crack or a chip in the windscreen can develop if a small stone happens to land on the windscreen, or if you get into a crash. Driving a car with a cracked car windscreen can be quite dangerous, as the same can hamper your vision when you’re driving. This is why it is generally recommended to get the auto windscreen replacement done well on time to prevent any mishaps. So, if your Hyundai Creta windscreen has cracked, keep reading to know what to do.

What to do if your Hyundai Creta Windscreen has cracked?

If your Hyundai Creta Windscreen has cracked while you are driving, you should:

  1. Stop driving the car immediately and then call the nearest garage. If you have just been in a car crash, then you should check yourself for injuries, and take pictures of your car so that you can claim your insurance later.
  2. A garage like AIS Windshield Experts is the right one to head to in order to get the windshield replaced.
  3. At the garage, the car will be evaluated for damage. If the windscreen has a small crack on it, it can easily be fixed. However, if it has multiple chips on it, the garage will recommend a total auto windscreen replacement.

What happens during an auto windscreen replacement?

The auto windscreen replacement process is not a very complex one - which means that you should be able to get your car back in 2-4 hours, provided there isn’t any other damage that needs to be fixed. In order to fix your car, the working professionals at the garage will:

  1. All the accessories in the car on the dashboard, mirror, and windscreen will be removed and stored safely.
  2. The windscreen will be removed from the frame along with the rubber gasket.
  3. A new high-quality glass will be procured and placed on the frame along with OEM approved adhesive.
  4. All the accessories will be placed back where they were.
  5. The windscreen will be checked to see whether it has been placed correctly.

Where should you go if your Hyundai Creta Windscreen is cracked?

Head down to the nearest AIS Windshield Experts service center to get your auto windscreen replacement carried out quickly and efficiently. Our working professionals have years of experience in the field and can ensure that the windshield is replaced perfectly. Additionally, we only use high-quality windscreen glass from AIS that ensures great visibility and strength. To know more, get in touch today!

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