Maintenance Tips for Newly Replaced Rear Windshield Glass


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Maintenance Tips for Newly Replaced Rear Windshield Glass

The rear windshield isn’t just there for the sake of visibility - the function that it performs by being the supporting structure is quite important. It additionally acts as a support system that maintains the shape of your vehicle’s roof, retaining your automobile’s structural integrity.

It isn't unusual for the rear windshield in automobiles to end up breaking due to random accidents. If your rear windshield breaks, it's very important to go ahead and get it changed right away to keep away from long-term harm to your vehicle. It also helps you stay away from compromising your vision.

If your mechanic has suggested that you get rear windshield glass replacement done, here are a few simple after-care guides you need to know -

How to Care for Your Newly Replaced rear windshield glass?

At the garage, you will be given the new rear windshield once its attached to the car, and not as a separate component. If you’re itching to drive away your car, you need to wait a while and think about some aftercare tips that will help you maintain the rear windshield glass.This will prevent accidental damage.

  1. Don’t Drive Your Car Immediately After

  2. Any rear windshield glass replacement process makes use of urethane as an adhesive to place new rear windshield glass onto your vehicle. Urethanes require a certain amount of time to harden and set - this is also referred to as curing. The curing period of the adhesive can be dependent on numerous elements like humidity, quality, and temperature, and this period may be as high as 24 hours in a few instances. Therefore, as a widespread rule, you have to steer clear from using your vehicle for at least one hour after the rear windshield replacement. This will make sure that the adhesive dries in the most effective manner and does not cause any gaps in the glass.

  3. Leave the Tape On

  4. Some rear windshield replacement centers use tape while adding a brand new windshield in the vehicle. As a vehicle owner, you are probably tempted to take away the tape to restore the elegance of your automobile. However, you have to refrain from peeling off the windshield tape for a minimum time specified by the service provider to make sure that dust, particles, or different debris don’t get caught in the adhesive. Such debris has a tendency to weaken the overall glass-to-body connection, thereby negating the whole rear windshield replacement.

  5. Stay Away From Car Washes

  6. Car washes frequently use high-strain jets, and motor pumps to get rid of the dust and particles off the automobile. If the adhesive or the sealant used to fix your windshield hasn’t dried properly, those jets will ruin their strength, and you may be left stuck with a badly set windshield. If the auto wash facility makes use of a cleansing liquid or detergent, it is probably going to be abrasive to urethane and silicone sealants or adhesives. Always keep from washing your vehicle for a minimum 24 hours following a rear windshield replacement. Assuming your automobile is quite dirty and you feel your vehicle should get washed, get it done at home with moderate soaps or detergents and low-pressure sprays of water.

  7. Be Careful with Your Driving

  8. Don’t be rash together with your driving, especially right away after the rear windshield replacement. Avoid using your automobiles on specially choppy terrains to save your rear windshield from shaking. You need to additionally keep from slamming your vehicle door or banging at the roof of your automobile in a rush. Doing so creates a surprisingly sizable strain in the automobile, which might also additionally cause the rear windshield glass to come out. Before getting out of your automobile, keep the window opened a little to help the strain to get away as you shut your vehicle door on exit.

  9. Leave the Window Opened

  10. If you stay in an area with mainly warm temperatures, the strain could possibly constrict the interior of your vehicle due to the heat. If you leave your vehicle parked for lengthy hours in areas with lots of heat, your newly mounted rear windshield glass could possibly come out or disassociate due to excessive strain.

How to Detect an Incorrectly Installed Windshield?

Even after taking precautions, it is probably possible for your rear windshield glass to be mounted incorrectly. An improperly set windshield is risky and has to be positioned and fixed correctly. Here are some signs of improperly mounted windshields -

  • Gaps that are visible in the rear Windshield Glass and Frame
  • A sound similar to whooshing when you drive
  • Irregular visibility out of the rear windshield glass

If you are aware of any of these signs, head to your rear windshield replacement garage right away and get your windshield in the vehicle checked.

How Can AIS Windshield Experts Help You!

At AIS Windshield Experts, we recognize that you won't always be sure about the right aftercare tips for your newly changed windshield. Our experts, therefore, train you and tell you about the different protection methods and crucial practices to take care of the newly mounted windshields. Moreover, we offer a one-year guarantee on all our merchandise and services. We will attend to any pos -set-up harm without any hassle.

Our technicians continually use world-class merchandise and adhesives and keep in mind the best practices during the rear windshield replacement process. As a result of our tie-ups with diverse vendors throughout the country, we offer brief and hassle-free cashless rear windshield replacement services. Head to our provider centers today!

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