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How to Know if your Windshield Was Installed Incorrectly?

September 19, 2019
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Car windshields are more than a safety feature today. They are also extremely important for the proper functioning of the vehicle’s airbags, cameras, and other equipment. Windshield glass, although laminated, is prone to cracks and chips. While small chips can be repaired, complex ones require windshield replacement.

A major reason behind such mishaps is an incorrectly installed windshield. When this happens, it runs the risk of cracking easily on impact, raising the maintenance cost of your vehicle. 

What Results in Incorrect Installation? 

There are some factors that directly result in an incorrectly installed windshield.

  • Amateur Technicians

When technicians are untrained and do not follow safety protocols, disaster is waiting to happen. For instance, if a technician does not wear gloves while installing the windshield, the sweat and grime on their hands mixes with the adhesive, reducing its effectiveness.

  • Poor Glass Quality

The windshield’s glass must be of high quality and should be of the right size. Many windshield replacement companies use after-market automotive glass which doesn’t fit the frame. This causes gaps between the windshield and the frame, resulting in an incorrect installation.

  • No Resting Time

While the windshield replacement process usually takes an hour, the adhesive requires a few hours to dry. Driving your car immediately after windshield replacement can cause weakened adhesion, leading to cracks. Within 24 hours of replacement, the side window must be opened before closing the car door. Failure to do so will cause a leak in the adhesive. Also, avoid cleaning the car with ammonia or alcohol-based cleaners. 

Signs of Incorrectly Installed Windshield

  • Gaps in the Frame

An incorrect windshield replacement results in gaps between the frame and the glass. While driving, you will hear a whooshing sound even with closed windows. During heavy rains, you will also notice water seeping in through the gap.

  • Irregular Patterns

You can easily spot wavy patterns on an incorrectly installed windshield. You might also notice light distortion and blemishes or experience blurred vision while driving. These are also signs of low-quality windshield glass.

  • Rattling Noises

When a windshield is not installed the right way, you will hear rattling sounds while driving at a speed or on a bumpy road. This happens when the windshield is severely misplaced within the frame. Needless to say, this can prove fatal if left neglected.

  • Presence of Old Adhesive

Every time your windshield is replaced, the technician must clear old adhesive from the frame. Failure to do so results in weak adhesion. If observed, the old adhesive can be seen around the frame of an incorrectly replaced windshield. On suffering impact, windshield installed in this manner will fall out of the frame.

As soon as you notice or suspect an incorrectly installed windshield, approach an automotive windshield replacement company. At AIS Windshield Experts, we offer an array of windshield repair and replacement services. We follow a ‘Repair First’ policy; we repair windshields with small chips (to be assessed)* unless the crack warrants a replacement. Our experts follow international installation and safety protocols and offer quick assistance. Get in touch with us for quick and hassle-free automotive glass repair and replacement services.

*To know more about windshield repair, please refer the below link:

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