5 Common Mistakes Made with Broken Car Glass


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Broken Car Glass Mistakes

Car glasses prevent dust, debris, rain or insects from entering your vehicle. Other than this, they also perform many other safety functions which include – providing support and structure to the car frame, offering a clear vision of the road ahead, absorbing the impact of airbags in the event of a collision, reducing the glare caused by direct sunlight, and preventing the passengers from being thrown out of the vehicle during a crash or roll-over. This means keeping your car glass in a good condition is imperative; a chipped or broken glass may put your safety at stake.

Alongside ensuring the condition of your car glass, it is equally crucial to ensure that all restoration is done by a professional. There are auto glass companies that ensure quality glass repair and replacement. A non-professional, on the other hand, would not have the know-how to repair crack in the windshield. Here are some common mistakes that highlight the importance of expertise in auto glass repair and replacement work. 

Ignoring Small Cracks

If you’re ignoring a damage because it is too small to matter or is not visible during every day driving (out of sight, out of mind), you’re setting the stage for bigger damages and costly replacement. With time, even a small crack will get worse and will eventually cost a lot more in replacement. It could also lead to a fatal catastrophe if the glass shatters under sudden high-intensity jerks or bumps. The best way to avoid such an incident is to take the car to a professional for automotive glass repair or replacement. 

Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands

Another common practice to cut corners is to act as the professional yourself! Only a professional is expected to know the extent of the damage and its right solution – replacement or repair. Trying to go the ‘Do It Yourself’ way may turn out to be hazardous not only to you but also to the other occupants of the car. There is also the risk of worsening the damage and incorrect installation of the new glass, which can increase your expenses and also put your protection at risk. You can also not make up for the lack of professional tools and technology that a professional would bring. Thus, it is always advisable to trust an expert to repair or replace the windshield.

Using Online Tutorials as Guides

A professional can make intricate repair work look easy as a pie in a tutorial. They carry years of experience of working on such repairs. Also, what is often missed in a video guide are the parts that are omitted (mistakes, in this case!). There is no guarantee that you will be able to deliver the same results by simply following a video. Fixing a broken car glass is a dangerous and expensive affair. A single mistake could cost you thousands more and could risk the well-being of you and your loved ones. It is best to let the professionals take the lead in this case.

A Hurry to Use the Car After Repair

A passionate driver is always going to be in a hurry to sit behind the wheel again, but this is not the best way to go immediately after a car glass repair or replacement. Chemicals take time to dry off and moulds take time to stick together. It can take time anywhere between 3-12 hours for a glass repair to sit in place before you start using it. It is advisable to leave the car behind at the repair station for at least one day, for it to cure completely. Any hurried action here could cost you in the future.

A broken car glass is not an easy damage to recover from. It is a highly skilled job, requiring professional expertise to guarantee processes are carried out correctly. Keeping a check on the common mistakes that one commits in case of broken car glass and fixing those mistakes by repairing that glass crack in the windshield, you should be able to guard both your money and your safety.

Choose AIS Windshield Experts for expert car glass repair and replacement services in line with international standards. Our top-drawer equipment and extensive training allow us to solve your windshield problems in a jiffy. Get in touch with our nearest service centre for exceptional car glass services.

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