Heat and Windshield Cracks: What You Need to Know


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Heat and Windshield Cracks: What You Need to Know

Most people love summer weather as it's a great time for pool parties, barbecues, and many other activities. But did you know this hot weather can be hard on the car’s windshield? If not, you must know that in the summer season, the chances of windshield cracking increase as the temperature gets high.

The reason is that when the outside temperature becomes high, it will cause the glass to expand and contract, making your car windshield more fragile. That's why the cases of cracks or broken windshields increase when summer is at its peak. So, if you are going on vacation in the summer season, ensure to take some precautionary steps to avoid cracks on the car windshield.

How Does Hot Temperature Stress the Car Windshield?

When the temperature outside is warm, it will put extra stress on the windshield, due to which it gets more prone to breaks or cracks. Similarly, if the temperature outside gets cool, it also causes stress on the windshield, and it will offer the same result as warm weather.

That's why experts recommend cooling your vehicle interior by turning on the air conditioner so that the windshield will remain safe from cracks and breaks. But ensure not to turn on the AC in full swing when you turn on the car. Instead, turn on the AC at low speed. Apart from that, most people slam the car doors too hard when closing them, but this step can also lead to cracks in the car windshield.

How can you Prevent Heat from Damaging the Car Windshield?

There are a number of ways by which you can keep your car windshield safe from cracks or breaks. They are: -

  • Park your car in the shade

    This is one of the best ways to keep your car windshield safe against warm weather. That means, if you are at home, park your vehicle in the garage or in shaded places where the car windshield will not get direct sunlight. This step will minimize the amount of heat on the windshield, and it will remain safe from chipping or cracking.

  • Keep the windshield clean

    If you want that your car windshield will not face any cracks or breaks, ensure that you will maintain it. This is one of the other effective ways by which you can prevent it from getting damaged in the summer season. Wash the car's windshield properly but make sure the vehicle will not be under the sun or while it is very hot. If you do so, the cold water will lead to a change in temperature, and the chances of cracks or breaks will increase. So, in this case, roll down the car windows first and let the temperature go down.

  • Watch the windshield for damage

    Sometimes due to some reason, you are not able to take care of your car or control the temperature. So, the question is, what should you do? The answer to this question is to keep a close eye on the windshield by inspecting it more often. Moreover, if you find any chip or crack in the car windshield due to warm weather, you must go for windshield crack repair as soon as possible.

Final Words

Summer means time to travel, and your car will be on the road for more time, which can lead to a broken car windshield. So, if your car windshield gets cracked or chips, let the technician handle and repair it for the best results. Give a call to AIS Windshield Experts to get your windshield crack repaired

Call or schedule an appointment to get your car windshield repaired.

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