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A car's windshield plays a critical role in ensuring the safety of its occupants. It bears the brunt of any collisions and protects passengers from debris and the elements. But just how strong are modern windshields?

Here, you will learn how today's windshield glass is exceptionally durable and resilient.

What Makes Windshield Glass So Strong?

Modern windshields are constructed using a specialised type of glass called laminated safety glass. This is composed of two layers of annealed glass bonded together by a thick inner layer of clear plastic vinyl called polyvinyl butyral (PVB).

The PVB plastic interlayer is the key to the windshield's strength. It holds the glass layers together even when badly fractured, preventing dangerous shards from detaching and protecting passengers from ejection and lacerations. Tests show that laminated glass is up to 5 times stronger than stainless steel in tensile strength.

Importance of Strong Windshields for Safety

Over the decades, the design of windshields has undergone considerable evolution to improve the safety of passengers. Experts suggest that windshields provide up to 45% of the structural integrity required for roof support during frontal collisions. Moreover, it contributes up to 60% of survival in roll-over accidents.

Windshields also protect against weather hazards such as wind pressure, debris impacts from the road, and even partial airborne collisions with birds. Without advanced glass barrier technology, normal glass would shatter instantly under such stress. The structural stability of windshield framing is essential for retaining passengers in vehicles during accidents.

Enhanced Protection Features

Several enhanced safety features further bolster windshield integrity:

  • Tempering- Heating and rapid cooling make glass harder and more impact-resistant.
  • Acoustic PVB Interlayers - Some luxury vehicles even have acoustically dampening PVB that reduces road noise.
  •  Heads-Up Displays - Project vital data like speed onto the windshield so drivers don't have to look away from the road.
  • Rain Sensors - Detect rain and moisture to turn wipers on and off automatically.

The Next Generation of Glass

Car manufacturers are always trying to make their vehicles safer. They use  materials like aerospace-grade aluminium and work on smarter systems to detect collisions before they happen.

The next big thing will be windshields that can heal themselves. This means that if you get a small chip or crack, the windshield will fix it on its own using built-in resin. You won't have to replace the whole windshield, and the crack won't spread and get worse.

This technology is still a few years away from being available to most people, but it's really exciting to think about how much safer our cars could be in the future. However, there is still a long way to go. Until then, trust AIS Windshield Experts for your windshield replacement.

Importance of Proper Windshield Repair and Replacement

As car technology advances, drivers need to understand the right way to take care of their windshields. But ignoring maintenance or using cheap replacement glass can put you and your passengers in danger. So, it's essential to take care of your car's windshield in the right way and to make sure you use high-quality replacement parts when needed.

Here are some best practice tips:

  • Inspect regularly for chips and get them filled quickly. The expanding crack prevention technology in modern windshields relies on keeping the integrity of the glass intact.
  • For replacements, always opt for original manufacturer glass designed specifically to match your vehicle. Generic aftermarket windshields often don't offer specialised safety features.
  • Only use reputable, certified repair technicians to address any windshield issues. Improper quality also compromises integrity.


Your windshield is a crucial barrier that shields you from potential disasters on the road. Promptly addressing any damage is important, as your safety depends on it. Appreciate the engineering marvel that is your windshield, which has evolved from a fragile pane of glass to a resilient safety innovation. The experts at AIS Windshield Experts offer fast and top-notch windshield replacement and repair services throughout the region.

To learn more about how windshields are made and their importance contact AIS Windshield Experts!

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