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Car Windshield Repair and Replacement Care Tips

Most car owners are preoccupied with the way their cars look, the battery and the engine. However, the humble car glass or windshield, seldom if ever, gets the attention it deserves.

Car glass is one of the most significant components of your car. It is a special type of glass that is designed to withstand the pressures of driving in a wide range of terrains. No car care may be said to be complete without ensuring that the windshield in car is in top shape.

The Need for Car Glass

The car glass allows you to have a 360-degree vision so that you can drive your car safely. It prevents outside elements like rain, water, dust, debris, etc. from entering the vehicle. The car glass, especially the windshield in car is a crucial safety unit as it provides structural integrity to your vehicle. It saves the driver from the initial impact of an accident. In the event of a rollover, it prevents the roof from caving in and crushing you. If you are not wearing a seatbelt, the presence of car glass stops you from being thrown out of the car. The car glass also prevents glare from the Sun and provides a clear vision for the driver.

Your car glass, just like any other part of your car, requires routine maintenance and proper care. Regular maintenance and appropriate car care will not only extend the life of your car glass but will also keep you safe inside the car. Given below are some useful car care and safety tips to keep your car glass in perfect health.

Replace Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are not the most durable components of your car as they tend to wear out over time. Sunlight, daily use, debris, and moisture are some of the key reasons that are behind your wiper blades wearing out. Your wipers consist of a metal structure on the inside and rubber covering on the outside. Once the wipers get worn out, the metal structure on the inside gets exposed. If you continue to use worn-out wipers, then each time you run the wipers, the metal structure will scrape against your car glass. This can cause severe damage to the windshield in car. If you notice loose rubber, streaks on the car glass or a squeaking noise every time the wiper blades are switched on, it is best to get your wipers replaced.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can affect the structural integrity of your car glass. Harsh heat and the harmful UV rays can also wear down the tint and cause damage to the car window. Moreover, if your car has been sitting out in the heat for a long time and you blast the air-conditioner to cool the car’s interiors, the sudden temperature change can cause stress cracks on your car glass. Sudden fluctuations in temperature can also cause existing chips or cracks to spread quickly and worsen. Therefore, it is best to park your car in a garage under a protective cover or in the shade.

Use the Right Cleaning Products

When it comes to car glass, it is essential to know the right type of cleaning products. Using the wrong products such as ammonia-based glass cleaners on your windshield or car window can damage the glass tint or leave streaks on the glass. Ammonia-based cleaning agents are used for architectural glass in buildings and not for your car. Additionally, refrain from using abrasive household sponges, paper towels, etc. as they can leave scratches on the glass. It is best recommended that you use cleaners that are specifically for the windshield in car and car windows along with a clean microfibre cloth to protect your car glass from any avoidable damage while cleaning.

Avoid Slamming Doors

When you slam your car door, it causes severe vibrations inside the car. Over time, excess vibration can cause damage to your car glass. It can also cause the side windows to be damaged or the car windows to loosen. If your car glass already has small chips, nicks, or cracks on the surface, then the vibration can cause them to expand and grow each time you close the door a little too hard. Therefore, it is best to make it a habit always to close your car door gently.

Be Diligent With Repairs

Chips and cracks are unavoidable, but if they appear, you should be proactive and get them fixed without delay. Even if your car glass has a small crack or a scratch or a minor chip, you shouldn’t assume it to be insignificant and harmless. These damages can escalate over time and can end up weakening the structural integrity of the glass, thus putting you and the other passengers in dangerous situations. Minor chips (at the most two) that do not exceed 40mm in diameter can be repaired by a skilled professional. But anything beyond that, like larger chips or cracks, warrants a windshield replacement. Therefore, if you find your car glass to be damaged, get it immediately handled by professionals. Find out more about car glass repair here.

Whenever you find a chip or crack sitting across your car glass, contact professionals such as AIS Windshield Experts for top-quality solutions. As the leading windshield repair and replacement network in the country, we use top-of-the-line tools and follow international safety norms for fixing windshields, be it repair or replacement. Our services are ‘Faster, Safer, and Better.’ For your convenience, we also offer a one-year written warranty on our workmanship and the materials used. Our 90+ conveniently-located service centres and several mobile vans can provide you with car glass solutions whenever you are in need. So, get in touch with us today!

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