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Windshield crack repair & replacement services near me

The windshield is one of the most important parts of a car as it protects the driver as well as the passengers from dust, dirt, heavy winds and extreme temperatures. This makes it all the more important to keep your car’s windshield in top-notch condition. If you are a new car owner or aren’t happy with your service provider then this article is for you. It covers the different types of glasses for the windshield that you can install as well as the experts you can contact to fix the car windshield in Chennai without breaking a sweat.

Types of Windshield Glass


The windshield glasses mentioned below are some of the most common windshield glasses that are readily available in the market, so read on to know more about these so you can make an informed choice while employing an expert to fix your car’s windshield.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is a safety glass which helps in increasing the fuel efficiency of your vehicle as it is lighter than average glass. It also keeps the temperature down by around 5 degrees Celsius thereby making it easier to reduce the temperature inside the car. The reduced workload on your car’s AC directly translates to lower fuel consumption. Apart from this, Laminated glass blocks out debris, foreign objects, much of the outside sound, wind etc so you can enjoy car rides without being disturbed by excessive honking or outside noise.

Tempered Glass

It is made using a process in which the glass is heated up to a high temperature then rapidly cooled off resulting in hardening of the outer layer and expansion of the inner layer. It  has some drawbacks too like it can not be repaired and needs to be replaced as soon as possible if damaged. 

Solar Glass

Solar glass is designed to beat the heat in tropical countries such as India. This modern glass is formed by coating the glass with a substance that reflects and absorbs the sun rays thereby keeping the interiors cool, thereby preventing overheating. It will also decrease the fuel consumption of your vehicle by decreasing the workload on your vehicle’s air conditioner.

Windshield Experts in Chennai

The windshield is one of the most important parts of a car which means you should get it checked, repaired or replaced by a windshield expert but finding a reputable expert won’t be easy. So to help you out, here’s a list of some of the best windshield experts you can find in Chennai right now.


AIS or Asahi India Glass Limited is one of the best brands when it comes to providing glass solutions for your residence, office or vehicle. They are known for their quick and prompt service as well as the quality of glass they provide. You can even check their website to know what type of glass suits your car the best as well as get a little idea of what it will cost you. With 7 well placed stores in Chennai it is your go to destination for glass replacement.

Now that you know all about car windshields and car windshield experts in Chennai, you can make an informed choice and employ the services of one of these experts for windshield glass installation, replacement or repairing.

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