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Technology has taken over every industry and the automotive industry is no stranger to it. Though everything about the automotive industry, from car design to manufacturing is based on modern technology, advances continue to take place. For instance – the windshield in car.

A technological wonder in itself, windshields shield the car from wind forces, dust, stones, heavy impacts, etc. However, advances in windshield technology have given rise to greater possibilities.

Given below are some of the latest advances made in windshield technology that are bound to change the automobile industry and customers’ expectations from cars -

Heated Front Windshields

Weather elements such as snow, condensation, or fog can obstruct your vision and can make driving potentially dangerous. Many car brands like Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, and Land Rover have recently introduced new car models with heated windshield in car.

Such a technology can defog and defrost your windshield in car and can help in clearing away ice and condensation, thereby improving visibility. The idea behind this innovation is to avoid the use of car heaters or air conditioners to defog the windshield. This can help you to save gas and reduce the noise caused by the blowers. With a heated windshield, you can get rid of the fog or condensation on your windshield glass soon after starting your car, ensuring clear visibility and a safe driving experience.

Wiper-free Windshields

Rainfall, snowfall, and other weather conditions can strain your car’s windshields, causing them wear out over time. This is why several high-end car companies have been trying to come up with wiper-less windshields.

Car manufacturer company, McLaren has borrowed technology and technical information from fighter jets to come up with the perfect solution for wiper-less windshields. These windshields use ultra-sonic sound to repel rain or snow. To produce this ultrasonic field that can work as a barrier for rain, moisture, or debris, a transducer is mounted on the corner of the windshield in car. By applying high-frequency sound waves to the glass surface, the car would automatically have a clean windshield at all times.

This technology is still in the research and development phase; however, given the speed at which technological advancements in the automotive industry is taking place, it is expected to become a reality soon.

Gorilla Glass

Gorilla glass is an extra-strong and special glass that is designed by Corning. It is the same glass that can be found on electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. This glass is popular for being resistant to breaking and shattering. It is also known for its durability, lightness, and visibility.

This innovative glass is being used on windshield of car and has been taking the automotive industry by storm. Gorilla Glass can withstand impacts from stones, gravel, and hailstones and is less likely to chip. Due to its light-weight quality, installing Gorilla Glass can also help you increase your car’s fuel-efficiency and decrease harmful CO2 emissions. Gorilla glass is free of distortion and is very clear. Its display is three times clearer and brighter than that of regular windshield glass. Gorilla Glass can also open up the possibility of navigation technologies and interactive displays on your windshield in car.

Panoramic Windshields

While driving, having an unobstructed view of the road is of utmost importance. Keeping this in mind, Tesla has come up with the cutting-edge Model X. One of the most notable features of Model X is its panoramic windshield in car which has a total surface area of 31 square feet!

The idea behind this panoramic windshield was to combine the windshield and the sunroof to create a cockpit-like structure for Tesla drivers. As the entire structure is stretching out overhead the driver and the passenger seats, it becomes very easy to see the road ahead as well as everything outside the vehicle. The panoramic windshield fills the whole car with natural light during the daytime and at night, it provides extraordinary views of the starry sky. You also don’t have to worry about being blinded by excessive light during the daytime as the Tesla engineers have included solar tinting which darkens the glass. It is expected that the future Tesla models will most likely have a panoramic windshield as well.

These above-mentioned technological advancements will surely revolutionise the automotive sector and will take the experience of driving cars to a whole new level.

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We are even equipped to handle modern-day windshields and their advanced technologies. Know more about our windshield repair and replacement offerings.

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