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Reasons Why Laminated Glass Is Used for Automotive Windshields

April 15, 2019
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Laminated glass is a form of safety glass used in many industries including automobile and airplanes. It is their special properties that make them sturdier than regular glass and therefore, ideal for use in windshields. Laminated glass has made car windshield crack repair possible owing to its structural formation. However, in case the damage is not repairable, you’re best advised to get it replaced with a good quality laminated glass windshield. Here are the top 4 reasons why laminated glass is perfect for automotive windshields:

1. High Strength

Unlike normal glass, laminated glass consists of two panes of glass with an interlayer of polyvinyl butyral in between. This thickness, along with the interlayer material, builds up the strength of the glass. There is more material for a projectile, that is, energy transference from an impact, to penetrate through. The strong plastic interlayer possesses high tensile strength and good rigidity. All this means that it would take a lot of force to break through a windshield of laminated glass, unlike conventional single pane glass.

2. Resistance to Shattering

Laminated glass also displays high resistance to shattering. Where many standard windshields crack under normal to above normal pressure, laminated glass can remain intact. The interlayer holds the broken glass fragments in place using compressional forces. This means that laminated glass does not shatter. Thus, it also cuts down the risk of cuts and injuries and ensures the safety of the driver and passengers.

3. Sound Proofing

Laminated glass acts as a strong barrier to outside noise. Most of the sound waves passing through laminated glass get absorbed by its two layers of glass panes and the interlayer. The high soundproofing ability of laminated glass prevents the driver from distracted by outside noises and therefore it is less likely to incur damage because of audible external distraction.

4. Security

Laminated glass also protects passengers from projectiles that can come from stone chips being thrown up from the road or passing alongside a gritter. The high strength and blast resistance to projectiles of laminated glass give the passengers much greater security. A conventional glass will get a hole on being hit by a projectile and leave small shards of glass all around with some being released towards the passengers. Laminated glass, on the other hand, is unlikely to be penetrated fully and therefore, the glass shards released are minimal. In case of serious damage, the windshield will have to be replaced before taking it to the road again.

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