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Indications of Incorrect Windshield Installation

March 25, 2019
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Getting a damaged windshield replaced immediately is very important for the safety of the passengers. Unfortunately, incorrect installation can cause more damage and can cause serious problems. Here are some signs of incorrect windshield installation

  • One of the earliest signs of incorrect windshield installation is a rattling sound when you drive your car from the windshield repair and replacement shop. This usually means that the windshield was incorrectly placed by the technicians or the adhesive used was of substandard quality. When an old or damaged windshield is removed, the old adhesive is removed, and the pinch weld cleaned before a fresh coat of primer. If the cleaning is not thorough, the new glass does not fit well into the slot.
  • Urethane is the adhesive of choice for most windshield replacement professionals. If some other adhesive is used or if the urethane has not been given enough time to cure (dry and solidify) it is likely that you will see cracks or empty patches along the adhesive strip that holds the glass to the car’s metal frame. If this adhesive layer starts to peel away during car washes, you may want to look at the chemicals in the windshield care products. At any rate, this is the right time to approach an expert for windshield repair in Hyderabad or any other major city.
  • When the car’s windshield starts to develop a white haze around the corners, it is usually a sign of windshield damage. If you have taken your car in for a windshield replacement recently, this could indicate an improper replacement. While this could be because of rains, mist, temperature differences inside and outside the car, wiper damage, or even due to use of poor-quality windshield care products. If these have been ruled out, you may want to visit Windshield Experts to assess possible faulty replacement of car glass.
  • Incorrect windshield installation need not only be because of errors in the installation process. It could also be a result of buying poor quality aftermarket glass instead of good quality OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass from a reputed glass dealer. If the glass used to replace your windscreen is not of good quality, you may find small cracks or chips occurring after you go over bumps and pits in the road.
  • If your car’s windshield is not clear and you find blurry or wavy lines appearing there may be a problem with the quality of glass installed. There could also be a problem with your car glass shampoo or water-repellent spray. If your car glass has been installed recently, you may need to visit a Windshield Expert centre.
  • If you notice water seeping in from the corners of the car windshield soon after replacement, it is highly likely that the windshield installation was incorrectly done or that you drove away from the car without giving the urethane adequate time to dry and settle. You may also have put the car through a high-pressure car wash soon after the windshield replaced.

In case you suspect incorrect windshield installation, it is time to approach the nearest Windshield Expert centre immediately.

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