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“Tinted car windows”- what struck your mind firstly? Roughly guessing, you equate tinted car windows with enhanced appearance of your car or better privacy and comfort and maybe even aesthetically pleasing appearance of the car.

Although, have you ever associated tinted car windows with saving money? Fret not; you are not alone. Most people get their car windows tinted for just the outwardly show and a more private feel inside the car. However, investing in tinted car windows can actually help you save a couple of good bucks! Wondering how? Read more to find out.

Efficient Fuel Consumption

Tinted car windows prove to be great tools for lowering the overall temperature of your vehicle by reflecting UV rays and high heat. This directly translates into cooler and more comfortable interiors. You need not blast your air-conditioner on full; this way, you will end up utilising lesser quantities of fuel/gas while cruising on the road. Thus, your monthly expenditure on fuel strikingly goes down.

Additionally, you can save money on fuel and gas as lower usage of air-conditioners positively impacts the fuel mileage of your vehicle.

Reduced Frequency of Body and Interior Repairing

Continuous subjection of your car to direct sunlight takes a toll on its interiors. Your chic wooden trim or designer dashboard, leather seat covers, or any plastic of the interior of your car falls prey to high temperatures. And these high temperatures rise even higher during summers in the daytime.

How can you save your car’s upholstery from deterioration? By investing in tinted car windows! The premature and untimely fading, worsening, warping, and/or cracking of your car’s interiors can be curtailed with the help of tinting the car windows.

Reduced heat entrapment helps maintain the internal temperature of the vehicle. In situations like this, the car’s interiors can be preserved and safeguarded from perishing. Car window tints, thus, keep your car in its original state for longer. No or minor redecoration and revamping translates into plenty of savings.

Elimination of Frequent Engine Repairs

Tinted car windows reduce internal heat in your car during summers and entrap heat (acting as insulators) during winters. With good-quality window tints, you can lower the temperature of the insides of your car during blazing summer days. This ensures that your vehicle stays cooler, and thus, you can cut short on the amount of air-conditioning required to make you comfortable inside the car.

In most vehicles, air-conditioners operate on engine power. So, car window tinting allows a longer-than-expected lifetime by lessening the burden on the engine and air-conditioning units of your vehicle. Your monthly and/or annual expenses on servicing the car get dramatically slashed. 

Prevention of Road Accidents

The bright shining sun not only degrades your car’s upholstery, but direct sun glare can significantly reduce road visibility. This very reason causes a considerable number of road accidents! The glare results in ‘blinding’ the driver. And the loss of vision on the road, even for a few seconds, can land you in danger.

Car window tints work as preventive measures against fatal road accidents and you save on health and medical bills. Window tints help in optimal glare management, offering an easier and stress-free driving experience.

Protection from Harmful Radiations of the Sun

UV radiations from the sun are beneficial up to certain limits. But they may incur more harm than good. Unsupervised and continuous exposure to the sun has negative effects that can put you at risk of skin cancer owing to harmful UVA and UVB rays. Further, if your car has leather or cloth seats, then you must be familiar with how their colour fades away or how the fabric may tear untimely due to prolonged exposure to radiations of the sun.

A tint for your car windows with solar control film is advantageous as it blocks UV radiations from deteriorating your skin’s health and lessens the damage to the interiors of your car.

If the above-mentioned pointers were not enough to assess the worth of tinting your car windows, getting your windows tinted will also save your car against a break-in or car theft threat. An additional film of high-quality tints provides an extra layer of protection in instances of car break-ins. Besides, tinted car windows deter thieves from eyeing your car as an easy target.

There are enough reasons to invest in car window tints. Good-quality tints are just a one-time investment. With AIS Windshield Experts, you reap the benefits of your investment on tints for years and years to come. Our products and services cater to all the auto glass needs of our customers.

Contact AIS Windshield Experts to get car window tints installed today. Feel free to decide how dark the tints need to be to flatter your personal taste. We work with pioneering tools and equipment, a line-up of skilled technicians, and a resolve to deliver quality services. Get in touch!

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