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Even a dot-sized chip on your car windshield can be too pesky; however, getting it repaired seems more troublesome to many car-owners. We have all been there - driving around the town, unbothered, with a chipped or cracked windshield. Any windshield peculiarity must be considered a serious safety threat.

Windshields are fairly responsible for ensuring the structural integrity of a vehicle and, thus, are crucial components of any automobile. So, in case of a glass chip or crack, it is advised to get the windshield repaired promptly. If you hired professionals for repairing your car windshield, then you must be feeling relieved now. But chances are your windshield repair got hampered owing to unprofessional standards, or carelessness, and/or poor technique of the technicians. Another of the reasons could be trying to repair cracked windshield. How? Because a crack threatens the structural integrity of the vehicle to an extent that it warrants total replacement.

As you are no windshield repair and replacement technician, then how can you tell if your car’s windshield was not repaired properly? To understand whether your windshield was duly repaired or not, the following six pointers can help.

Unusual Noises like a ‘Whoosh’ Sound or Rattling Sound at Higher Speeds

When the car windshield is not repaired properly, stray noises such as rattling sounds or unusual ‘whooshing’ sounds are noticeably audible at high speeds. This happens because instead of streamlining around the car, the air enters the car through tiny gaps/cracks between the windshield and the frame.

Windshields guard the interiors of your car against external elements and also cancel out external noises. But what if the windscreen is the source of strange sounds? Get it inspected and corrected at the earliest.

Water Seeps inside the Car through the Windshield

After getting your car windshield repaired, did you notice water trickling-in through the edges of the windshield when you use the wiper or during rains? If yes, then it is a sure sign of a faulty repair.

Even if only tiny water droplets sneak inside your car, it is still a leak. Poor technique or carelessness while replacing the windshield or lack of appropriate tools while repairing the windshield are fair explanations of the same.

Cloudy Appearance of the Repaired Area

A milky or blurry patch on your car windshield translates into inadequate cleaning of the chipped area.

The cloudy appearance of your windshield can be due to embedded dirt and debris, which were not meticulously removed while washing the glass chip. This is not only irritating to the eye, but it also impairs your visibility on the road; consequently, putting your life at stake. So, you must get your windshield inspected at a certified windshield repair and replacement centre. 
Residue of Old Factory Adhesive Still Sticking on the Frame

When you get your car windshield repaired by seasoned technicians, they altogether remove and replace every old component with new ones. Also, repairing/replacing windshields involves absolute cleaning of the damaged area. But, if the residue from the previous windshield adhesive is still evident, it implies that enough cleaning measures were not carried out.

The technicians failed to create a weather-proof window frame for your car. In such cases, weak and inadequate bonds are formed between the windshield glass and its frame.

The Windshield Gets Damaged, Again and by the Slightest Impact

After repairing the crack in the windshield, if it tends to get damaged again shortly by the mildest of impacts, you can consider this as a sign of incompetent and unseemly windshield repair.

The contributing factors to the same can be low-quality adhesives and/or less curing time, or it can be due to non-professional equipment and an ambiguous modus operandi.

In such instances, the possibility of expansion of the original chip is high, which can have dire consequences, the most common being the danger of the windshield shattering.

Wavy or Distorted Appearance of the Glass

The windshield is supposed to be seamless and smooth post-repair. If the glass of your car windshield is somewhat distorted, wavy, or not flat, then it is a sign that your car windshield is not properly repaired.

Upon drying, the sealing adhesive tends to become translucent and blends with the windshield glass. Buffing and polishing are done to smoothen out the windshield even further. The distorted/wavy appearance of the windshield usually stems from insufficiency in any of the formerly mentioned steps.

Besides those mentioned above, plenty of other reasons exist for unsatisfactory and substandard services. Some of the companies do not have adequate staff to spare for individual issues of their customers. This results in downright carelessness by the technicians. Also, the technician may or may not be skilled enough for repairing the damaged windshield. But this is not the case with AIS Windshield Experts. We have cutting-edge tools and a team of experienced and certified professionals to deliver best-of-the-breed services and solutions to our customers.

Upon association with AIS Windshield Experts, be rest assured we use genuine products, and our trained experts place our customers as their top priority. We offer top-notch automotive windshield repair services with a one-year written warranty on both our services and the products that we use.

You can wheel into one of our 90+ service centres and in case you cannot visit, we will reach you via our wide network of mobile vans. Get in touch with us today!

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