Sunroof vs Moonroof: Understanding the Distinctions


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Moonroof Vs Sunroof: Difference Between Sunroof & Moonroof

When considering ways to enhance your driving experience and immerse yourself in the outdoors while on the road, two prominent options often enter the conversation: sunroofs and moonroofs. Although these terms are commonly interchanged, they denote two distinct features of automotive design.

In this blog, we'll uncover the vital disparities between moonroof vs sunroof, providing you with the expertise needed to make a judicious selection for your forthcoming vehicle.

Defining the Basics

To start, it's essential to establish clear definitions for these features:

  • Sunroof

A sunroof can be described as a roof panel seamlessly integrated into a vehicle, with the thoughtful functionality of either opening or being completely removed, thus facilitating the infusion of natural light and fresh air into the car's interior.

Sunroofs are typically available in two primary configurations: manual and motorized. In modern vehicles, you'll commonly find motorized sunroofs, and these panels can be crafted from various materials, including glass and metal.

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  • Moonroof

Conversely, a moonroof is a specific type of sunroof, often exclusively composed of glass and frequently featuring a tinted or UV-protective coating. Moonroofs are typically electrically operated, offering effortless adjustments such as tilting or full retraction.

The term "moonroof" gained prominence in the 1970s thanks to Ford, and it's often associated with a more upscale and panoramic-style sunroof.

Difference Between Sunroof and Moonroof

Let's uncover the pivotal distinctions that set sunroofs and moonroofs apart:

  1. Materials

The most significant disparity lies in the materials used. Sunroofs can incorporate either glass, metal, or a combination of these materials, while moonroofs, in contrast, are exclusively crafted from glass. This distinction guarantees that moonroofs offer an unhindered view of the sky, making them the favoured choice for those passionate about stargazing.

  1. Operation

Sunroofs offer a variety of mechanisms for opening and closing, encompassing both manual and motorized options. In contrast, as a subset of sunroofs, moonroofs are predominantly electrically operated, often equipped with user-friendly one-touch controls for seamless use.

  1. Design

Moonroofs are renowned for their sleek and aesthetically pleasing appearance, particularly when closed. Sunroofs, especially those with metal panels, may exhibit a more noticeable seam or bulge in the roofline.

  1. Tinting

Moonroofs frequently feature tinted or UV-protective glass, effectively diminishing heat and glare caused by the sun. In contrast, sunroofs may or may not incorporate this feature, and it tends to be less prevalent when it is present.

  1. Panoramic Options

While both sunroofs and moonroofs offer the potential for an open-air experience, moonroofs are typically linked with panoramic or dual-panel designs. These expansive glass panels extend over a more significant portion of the vehicle's roof, providing an immersive and spacious open-air experience.

What to Consider When Selecting the Perfect Roof Configuration

If you're contemplating a sunroof or moonroof installation, take these steps into account to ensure an informed decision:

  • Explore Local Shops:

    Search online for "sunroof installation near me" or "moonroof installation near me." Identify renowned automotive shops specializing in sunroof and moonroof installations.
  • Review Customer Feedback:

    Take the time to read through customer reviews and ratings for the identified shops. These insights can provide valuable information about the quality of their work and overall customer satisfaction.
  • Seek Personal Recommendations:

    Contact friends, family, or fellow car enthusiasts for recommendations. Personal referrals often lead to finding a reliable installer with a strong track record.
  • Visit the Installation Shop:

    Before finalizing your decision, visit the shop in person. Discuss your specific requirements, inquire about pricing, and ensure that the shop possesses the expertise and equipment necessary for a seamless installation.


Sunroofs and moonroofs aim to infuse natural light and fresh air into your vehicle, yet they differ in materials, operation, design, and cost. Your choice should align with your budget, climate considerations, and personal preferences.

If you want to equip your vehicle with a moonroof or sunroof, it is highly recommended to consider AIS Windshield Experts. Whether you prefer digital payments or the convenience of EMI options, AIS Windshield Experts have you covered. This ensures you can enjoy all the benefits of a sunroof without any financial stress.

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