Understand Why Immediate Repair is Required For Chipped Windshield


By  AIS Windshield Experts

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Why to Repair Chipped Windshield A windshield chip occurs when an object like a small rock or gravel hit the windshield at high speed, resulting in a small damaged spot. It may seem like an insignificant damage, hard to see from a distance, but there are many factors which could worsen it. An exposed chip on the windshield becomes a home for dirt and debris. Rain, water, pressure – all these further push the impurities into the chip. The longer the chip is left exposed, the harder it becomes to repair the windshield crack. Here are some reasons why one shouldn’t take windshield repair lightly. A Chip to a Crack The most common causes behind the formation of a crack include weather stresses, unruly driving, and fatigue. Extreme temperatures can add to the problem; extremely cold or hot exteriors/interiors could lead to expansion or contraction of the glass, which could result in the chip becoming bigger. A heavy hailstorm could also lead to the formation or worsening of chips on the glass. Sometimes, something as normal as slamming of the door, or playing loud music could worsen the breakage. Imagine driving over uneven and rough terrain – the hostile jolts and vibrations could crack the glass where the chips are present. The increased pressure on the glass could force the chip to expand into a crack. A crack can lengthen, soon hindering vision, compromising the fixtures of the windshield, and endangering the safety of the passengers. In most cases, it is not possible to repair windshield crack, mandating a replacement.  Compromised Visibility  A chip or a crack, no matter how hard one tries, draws attention to itself. A chip or a crack in the driver’s line of sight could result in a serious road accident, if left ignored. It can obstruct the view of the driver, taking away the attention from the road. It could also reflect sunlight and further add to poor visibility. Consider this – would you continue driving the car if there is a bird dropping in the line of your vision? You would most likely not. Reduced visibility on the road endangers many lives.  Unattractive Appearance   If dirt or debris gets deposited in the damaged area, it could make the task of windshield repair difficult. When the repair is done, the result may be a cloudy or dirty looking patch on your windshield. If you have opted for an old-fashioned and quick remedy of ‘tape on the chip’, then you know how it alters the look of your car for the worse. Safety at Risk At the time of a collision or a rollover, the windshield prevents the roof from collapsing or caving in. It also helps in deploying the airbags. Another safety function that the windshield performs is preventing the passengers from being thrown out of the vehicle during an accident. A weakened windshield puts the entire structural integrity of the vehicle at stake. It could shatter or pop-out during an accident, adding to other safety hazards. Cheaper to Repair than Replace Windshield Replacing a windshield costs a lot more than repairing a windshield crack or chip. Left neglected, a small nick could soon turn into a crack due to external stressors, deteriorating with time until it reaches a point where it is beyond fixable. Another aspect is the duration of replacement process; a chip takes under an hour to repair unlike a replacement, which could take anywhere between a few hours and a couple of days. In the long run, a quick windshield repair would save you a lot of time and money. Reduced Market Value of the Car Would you be interested in purchasing a car with nicks and cracks on its body? Like most other assets, the physical appearance and condition are important factors in determining the market price of the car at the time of resale. The value of your car will depreciate if the windshield is damaged and it will not fetch as many buyers. The windshield is an important structural component of your car. It is important to keep it in perfect condition. Even a small nick could compromise the safety of the passengers, decrease the worth of the vehicle, and cost you a hefty sum on restoration. Determining the severity of the problem is the first step towards fixing it. Make sure never to ignore damage, however small and insignificant it may seem. The second step would be to call a professional for opinion and formulating and implementing a proper course of action for repairing the windshield crack.  At AIS Windshield Experts, we offer the best-in-class windshield repair and replacement services through a network of 90+ service centers. Give our helpline number a call and experience convenience and quality at a center near you!

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  1. Taylor Hansen says:

    My son came home last night and told me he got a chip in the windshield while driving on the freeway I appreciated that you mentioned how a chip tasks under an hour to fix. Since it’s a smaller chip as of now, I’ll take my car to a windshield replacement service later to have it fixed. Thanks.

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