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Know the Risk of Incorrectly Installed Windshield

September 23, 2019
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Much like airbags and seat belts, the windshield glass is an important safety device in a vehicle. It is composed of a double layer of safety-graded glass, both sealed together for an extra layer of protection. It not only protects objects like dust, gravel, and debris from flying into the vehicle, but also prevents the passengers from falling out of the vehicle in the event of an accident.

The windshield glass also acts as a support for the deployment of airbags and supports the roof of the vehicle from crashing over, in case the vehicle rolls over. Naturally, an incorrectly installed windshield glass poses a grave safety hazard. There are many ways to figure out if your car glass has been put in place correctly.

  1. Leakage of Water

The most common sign of improper installation is the entry of foreign objects into the car through the windshield, the easiest of them being water. This could indicate poor sealing of the glass into the structure.

  1. Crooked Glass

Often not easy to point out, a crooked looking windshield glass is a sign of incorrect installation. An incorrect glass size or incorrect placement – either of these two could result in this fault.

  1. Urethane Layer is Too Thin

Urethane seals the glass in place and also absorbs shocks. If the Urethane is inconsistent or too thin, the glass will be prone to immense pressure which could result in stress cracks.

  1. Sound of Wind

If you hear a whistling or whooshing sound when you drive at high speeds, the glass is most likely installed incorrectly.

  1. Extra-quick Installation

Although most OEMs promise the installation to be completed under 60 minutes, it is advised not to use the vehicle overnight. If done otherwise, there is a high possibility that the windshield might give in.

  1. Installed by a Rookie

Windshield installation is serious business. Only a professional technician should be appointed for the task as the safety of the passengers is at stake. If a rookie has installed the glass for your car, it would be wise to get it checked.

You don’t have to be an auto glass expert to identify most of these flaws in a windshield glass installed incorrectly. There are many risks associated with an incorrectly attached windshield glass:

  1. Risk of damage

An incorrectly installed windshield is more prone to getting chipped, cracked or shattered due to high pressure. There is also the possibility that it will fall out of its position due to its weak foundation, putting you in harm’s way. Such events only leave you with the option of a complete replacement, as the repair of a cracked windshield is next to impossible.

  1. Reduced Structural integrity

The windshield gives the car its structural integrity by supporting the roof. At the time of an impact, it prevents the roof from caving in. In case of a poorly installed windshield, the pillars of the car alone would not hold the car in place, in case of a roll-over, risking the safety of the passengers. 

  1. Airbag Malfunction

Airbags prevent passengers from getting seriously hit by an impact during a collision and the airbag deployment process relies heavily on the windshield. Upon release, the airbag hits the windshield, bounces back, and prevents the passenger from a hit by absorbing the shock of an impact. If the car glass is compromised, this entire phenomenon would not work efficiently.

  1. Water Leakage

Rain or water will trickle in and cause damage if the car glass is incorrectly installed. It would make the car interiors damp, which could lead to the development of mould and mildew. It can also seriously harm the electrical components of the car. Also, such trickling could compromise the driver’s visibility upon usage.

  1. Risk of Ejection

Apart from structural support, windshields also prevent ejection of the passengers in case of a collision. An incorrectly installed car glass could break or fall out of please easily, posing a threat to the safety of the passengers. 

We’ve seen how an incorrectly installed car glass puts you, along with your vehicle, at risk and also results in high windshield replacement costs owing to the difficulties of repairing a cracked windshield or one that is incorrectly installed. Professional assistance, high-quality glass, and getting a warranty are some of the measures you can take to ensure proper installation and operation of the glass.

Only rely on auto glass companies like AIS Windshield Experts that provide windshield repair & replacement solutions, have trained staff, and use high-quality materials. At AIS Windshield Experts, we observe international standards and protocols to replace and repair windshield. If your day is packed to the brim, we bring emergency windshield glass replacement facilities right to your doorstep!

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