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Ways to Deal with Car Window Scratches

September 17, 2020
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As common as it is, there is nothing more unsightly and mood-dampening than having scratches on your windshield and car windows. Even more so, when you notice it just after getting in your car first thing in the morning or after having a long day at work.

Looking through a scratched front car window can be more than an annoyance. The difficulty of having to peer through scratch marks and chips or looking around them to safely steer your way out on the road can be a grave safety hazard, for yourself, for those travelling along with you.

A car’s windshield is your number-one safety net when you are driving, which is why if you accidentally rupture or crack it, you will need to get it fixed or replaced depending on its nature as soon as possible. Oft, car owners have a hard time deciding whether to get this kind of scratch and chips repaired or replaced.

Why Does a Scratch on Your Windshield Deserve Attention?

Your vehicle’s front glass provides structural integrity to the car, and a damaged windshield can affect the car roof’s strength. A crack, scratch, or a chip can bring the whole roof down in case of a collision or traffic mishap. And if you are driving with a cracked windshield unattended for a long time, it poses the danger of caving in in case of some heavy, even mild external impact.

Car window glass repairing and replacement is also important because a small chip is just a disaster waiting to take place – it can spiral into a large and deep crack soon for which only a replacement may suffice.

Additionally, the car front glass also supports the appropriate and timely deployment of the front airbags; however, once damaged, its ability to do so correctly is affected, severely exposing the life of occupants to danger.

What Can Cause Car Window Scratches?

Countless reasons may cause damage to the car window, some of which are often neglected.

Faulty Wiper Blades

Old and unattended windshield wiper blades can become rough and hardened, causing scratches, especially when the glass is dry. Everyone is guilty of accidentally turning on their wipers on a dry day. Scratches can also occur if some small objects like pebbles, sand, and other abrasive debris are trapped under the blades.

Ice Scratches

If you live in a cold-weather area where snowfall and snowstorms are common, you might be used to removing ice from your car windshield and windows regularly. These can cause scratches. 

Rough Cleaning

Using a rough piece of cloth to clean the windshield haphazardly can cause damage to the glass’ surface. 

Flying Debris

Scratches are also caused by rocks, pebbles, huge insects, or construction material flying into your windshield off the road.

What Can You While Dealing With a Car Window Scratch?

If you recently discovered a damaged windscreen, here are a few ways to deal with it.

Evaluate and Determine the Severity of the Scratch

If your car window glass is damaged, first ensure how severe the damage is. Identify the scratch by its location, size, and depth. This will help you decide whether a repair job will suffice or you will need a glass replacement to fix it. Repairs can easily fix your car window damage only if the chips are minor and do not exceed 40mm in diameter. A windshield can also be effectively repaired if it has two chips; more damage would require glass replacement. If the damage is not limited to the outer layer of glass and has penetrated both the layers, then repairing might not do the job.

Prepare an Action Plan

Now that you have understood what kind of damage your windshield has incurred, you will face the biggest predicament. Should you opt for a professional service provider or should you take the matter in your own hands? As tempting and convenient DIY solutions may seem, you will eventually realize that they have the power to aggravate the damage to your car window.

And that is why seeking professional help is integral to your car’s safety. Trained windshield experts have not only the right tools and skills but also the experience and expertise needed to handle the damage your windscreen has incurred. They will tell you about the choices you have given the severity and size of the scratches and what the best ways to fix them are.

Opt for the Experts

Car front glass is very vital to your safety. Regardless of the size of the chip or scratch, you must have your windshield looked at by a well-trusted and reputed windshield provider. If looking for a team of experts who can fix your car window glass woes, turn to AIS Windshield Experts.

As India’s largest auto glass repair and replacement network, we have the resources, expertise, and knowledge to deal with all kinds of windshield damage, despite their size, depth, and severity. Our team can assess the damage and inform you of the best solutions.

With a well-established network of 80+ service centers across 45+ cities in India, we also offer a warranty of one year on workmanship and materials used. To know more, visit our website or call us on 1800 102 6364! So, get in touch with us today!

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