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Broken glass may or may not impact your luck. But even the slightest chip on your car’s front glass can undoubtedly impact your mood - and not for the better!

A glass chip doesn’t necessarily point towards a replacement. Yet, a mere pinprick-sized chip on your car windshield may dramatically turn into a three-inch crack. And then the next thing you know, there is no going back. The glass has incurred enough damage by now, requiring expert assistance for total glass replacement. Hence, it’s better to bring the situation under control by opting for windshield chip repair.

Wondering what exactly a windshield chip is? Read more. 
What is a Glass Chip?

A small nick in the glass, creating a minor yet visibly damaged spot, is considered to be a chip. Car windshields are exceedingly prone to such glass chips. A small pebble or other objects may end up impacting the glass. Sometimes, climatic conditions such as sudden fluctuations in temperature, strong wind gusts, extreme direct sunlight or hailstorms may result in a windshield glass chip. Defective installation or faulty manufacturing practices can also contribute to frequent chipping of the windshield glass.

Even the tiniest glass chip can quickly spiral out of control. So, it is not wise to repeatedly postpone your service center visit for a windshield chip repair.
Is Glass Chip Repair Necessary?

A glass chip can cause impairment of vision on the road. Not only this, but as windshields are also responsible for the structural integrity of your vehicle, a fault in the same poses a safety hazard. Thus, prompt windshield chip repair secures you against unforeseen dangers while driving.

Importance of getting Glass Chip Repaired

Even when the damage seems barely noticeable and is extremely minor, repairing the chip as soon as possible is important. Weather and windshield wipers can push dirt into the windshield chip. Once debris, dirt, and other unwanted particles such as components of the windshield washer fluid are embedded into the chip area, the windshield chip repair process becomes extraordinarily difficult and sometimes even loses its effectiveness.

When left alone, a glass chip often bursts, giving rise to a web of tiny cracks that may over a period of time, snowball into a larger crack that demands total windshield replacement. It is essential to note that a crack is beyond the scope of repair and only replacement is advised at such a stage. It is smarter to consult professionals without any delay in case of a glass chip to save your money, time and a great deal of hassle.

Windshield Glass Chip Repair: The Procedure

The process employed for windshield chip repair differs from company to company. However, the bottom line remains pretty much the same.

First - The windshield repair technician thoroughly inspects the glass chip to recognize the type of chip. The glass chip may be a clover-leaf, a bull’s eye, a half-moon, a bee’s wing, or a combination of several chips. This is crucial in deciding the extent of damage and whether or not it is repairable.

Second - After the assessment, the technician decides upon the type of repair for the particular chip depending on factors like the extent of the damage incurred and the amount of embedded dirt and debris.

Third – The second step is immediately followed by a thorough washing of the glass chip and subsequent drying to ensure no moisture or debris remains.

Fourth - Now, the technician drills into the area of the chip. This removes leftover particles. To the chipped area, a special repair resin or adhesive is injected, which seals the glass chip. Further, the adhesive is allowed to cure so that it completely seals the damaged area.

Fifth - Lastly, the surface is buffed and polished to blend the resin/adhesive into the glass and to maintain the smoothness of the windshield glass.

Additionally, the expertise of the technicians and the quality of the products and tools greatly affect the effectiveness of the said procedure.

Thinking of a DIY? Pause!

Now, a critical question still remains –Can you repair a glass chip?” The answer is yes, and no. You may be able to fix it or patch it up for the time being but in the long run, it is not a sound solution. Repairing a glass chip falls outside the scope of a layman as a certain level of expertise and technical knowledge is required for a windshield chip repair. Moreover, specialized and high-quality tools are used for windshield chip repair in observance of international safety protocols. So, in case of a glass chip, it is best to immediately contact experts for assistance.

How AIS Windshield Experts Can Help

With our comprehensive range of solutions for automobile glass chip repair and replacement, AIS Windshield Experts stands in a class of its own. We take immense pride in being the largest auto glass repair and replacement network in India. Our services are ‘Faster, Safer and Better.’ Reach our experts by driving into any one of our 90+ service centers or let us reach you via our wide network of mobile vans.

To know more, visit our website or call us on 1800 102 6364! So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!

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