Hyundai Creta Windshield Replacement: how do you know it’s done correctly?


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As laymen, it can be hard to ascertain the overall quality of service when we’re not too sure of what the service itself entails. Hyundai Creta Windshield Replacement is one such service - we may know when we need it, and we may know who to go to, but we can’t really tell the difference between a job well done and a mediocre job attempt at windshield replacement. So, how do you prevent getting ripped off?

When you’re going in for a Hyundai Creta Windshield Replacement, it is essential to note that there are certain indicators you can look out for to know whether the windshield has been installed correctly. These factors are not hard to learn, and even as a layman, you can easily identify them when you know what you’re looking for.

So, without further ado, here are a few signs that the Hyundai Creta Windshield Replacement was not done correctly.

Hyundai Creta Windshield Replacement

  1. There’s an odd whooshing sound when you drive!

    When the car's windshield glass is placed correctly, it creates a tight barrier between the outside world and the car's interiors. This is why the only sound you might hear while driving is the low hum of the engine or AC. However, what happens when you hear an odd whooshing sound or the sound of moving air?

    When the Hyundai Creta Windshield Replacement is not done correctly, there can be a gap between the glass and the windshield frame. This gap allows you to hear the air outside the car while driving, which creates the whooshing sound. 

    After the Hyundai Creta Windshield Replacement, take your car out for a test drive on an open road and keep your ears peeled for any sounds that aren't generally present while you drive. If you feel like you can hear the air outside the car, then it means that the windshield is not secure. Take the car back to the garage and speak to the service providers about your concerns.

  2. There’s water leaking into your car!

    While there are specific indicators of incorrect Hyundai Creta Windshield Replacement that you can spot right after regaining possession of your car, others reveal themselves under particular circumstances. Water leaking into your car is something that you'll only notice when it rains. Of course, this doesn't mean that you have to wait for the monsoon to check whether the Hyundai Creta Windshield Replacement has been done correctly!

    Ask the service providers at the garage to run a hose over the windshield while you sit inside your car. If you can see water leaking into the car's interiors, you should speak to them about creating a more secure seal. The service providers might have to carry out the Hyundai Creta Windshield Replacement from scratch to ensure there are no issues moving forward.

  3. There are visibility issues with the glass!

    A perfectly executed Hyundai Creta Windshield Replacement depends on two factors. The first is that the service itself is provided correctly. The second is that the auto glass used is of the highest possible quality. Low-quality glass can lead to visual distortions, especially in direct sunlight. These distortions can come in the form of wavy glass, imperfections and bumps.

    Don’t take this issue lightly. Visual imperfections can compromise your safety while you’re driving by impairing your judgement of distance along with your spatial awareness. This can increase the risk of accidents. If you feel that the glass used by the service providers isn’t as high-quality as you’d like, you can ask them to replace it.

    However, a better approach would be to ask the service providers about the glass they are using before getting the windshield installed. Ask them about AIS Glass, as it’s one of the leading names when it comes to automotive glass manufacturers in India.

  4. There’s a rattling noise when you drive!

    When something is placed loosely in a frame, it tends to rattle. The same logic applies to glass that has not been fitted in the windshield frame correctly. Sub-par service providers may elect to go ahead with glass that doesn’t have the required dimensions for your car, believing that a mere millimeter or two won’t make a difference. However, this is not the case. Ill-fitting glass can lead to an increased risk of the entire windscreen shattering upon the slightest impact.

The next time you find yourself approaching a speed bump or a stretch of a bumpy road, turn the music off and pay attention to any sounds that your car might make. A rattling noise is a sure-shot indicator of the fact that the Hyundai Creta Windshield Replacement was not done correctly. Take the car back to the service providers and ask them to fix the issue by using correctly sized glass. 

Want to know more about Hyundai Creta Windshield Replacement? Get in touch with our experts today!

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