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Do you know, driving around with a damaged car windshield can result in the collapse of your car’s roof? Yes, it is possible in cases of severe damage to the windshield. Thus, you can infer the importance of windshield in car, and yet they are often overlooked. Windshields are integral components of a vehicle, and so, it is essential to take proper care of the windshield in car.   

A few too many benefits are associated with car windshields. Here you can find some of the important functions your car windshield performs.

Protection From Foreign Elements 

A windshield in car provides the occupants of the vehicle with protection from almost all external elements such as dust, dirt, debris, small pebbles, and flying insects. Also, weather elements such as rain, storm, hail, or heavy winds stay outside of the vehicle, thanks to windshields. It functions as a shield to deliver maximum safety to the passengers and the driver of the car. Also, they offer an unobstructed and clear view of the road in front.

Improved Vehicular Aerodynamics

The windshield effectively provides your car with an enhanced aerodynamic effect. It allows to reduce the drag considerably and therefore, the efficiency of your vehicle amplifies. This is the reason why a windshield in car is generally sloped. It allows the windshields to approach high speeds and makes your vehicle fuel-efficient. Besides, the reduction in the aerodynamic drag due to the windshield angle varies from car to car.

Support to Airbags 

This is a lesser-known functionality of windshields. When the airbags are deployed,the windshield in car provides it with the necessary support. They absorb the impact on the airbags and enable them to function efficaciously.

Improperly installed or damaged windshields can heighten the level of danger during a sudden mishap. Why? Because the windshield may not offer adequate cushion effect to the airbags when they are deployed. The windshield may separate from the vehicle when a collision occurs. Thus, you can sustain serious and life-threatening injuries owing to the improper installation or deteriorated condition of the windshield in car. 

Safety in case of Accidents and Other Mishaps 

Car windshields act as protective screens when your vehicle suffers a collision. One, the windshield does not allow the vehicle to cave-in by offering structural integrity to your car. And, two, the constituting material of a windshield in car comprises two layers of laminated and toughened glass which sandwich an interlayer of high-performance plastic. The treated plastic film provides flexibility to the windshield in case of sudden accidents and thus, reduces the overall impact. Besides, the plastic interlayer does not allow the windshield to shatter into sharp pieces. It decreases the extent of injuries sustained by the occupants of the vehicle during a crash

Prevents Tossing-off of the Car’s Passenger 

In a number of movies, the driver gets thrown out of the car during an accident. Well, half of it is the truth. In the event of an unfortunate event, such as a high-impact collision, the windshield tends to separate easily if it is damaged or installed improperly. Thus, it becomes necessary to keep the windshield in optimum health.

As a rule of Physics, the body tends to move in the direction of the applied force. So, if it were not for windshields, the passengers of a vehicle will always get ejected forward during a crash. As a counter-argument, airbags also keep the passengers inside the car when an accident occurs. However, windshields are also responsible for splitting the impact on airbags and bearing a part of the net impact.

Keeps Your Vehicle’s Roof From Collapsing 

Windshields play a major role in maintaining the structural integrity of a car. This implies that if the car encounters an awful crash and the car tends to roll-over, the windshield in car will prevent the roof from collapsing on the passengers. Earlier, cars were furnished with steel pillars, but now the task is shouldered upon windshields in vehicles. Just like the seatbelt and airbags in your car, the windshield is also part of the safety restraint system of your vehicle.

Take Good Care of the Windshield in Your Car

The features mentioned above are exceedingly important for your safety, in general. Besides, the aerodynamic effect that windshields offer can improve the mileage of your vehicle. Further, stray noise such as highway noise is considerably reduced due to the windshield in car. As you can clearly visualise, windshields deliver a multitude of safety functionalities and improved efficiency to your vehicle. So, maintaining your car windshield in good shape is in your own interest.

If your car windshield incurs any chip or crack, it is essential to tend to it as soon as possible. You must not delay in seeking professional help in such circumstances. So, if you find yourself hunting for expert help for your auto glass needs, AIS Windshield Experts is happy to help.

AIS Windshield Experts constitutes of teams of trained and certified auto glass technicians with years of hands-on experience. Visit our nearest service centre and avail of affordable and fast windshield repair and replacement services. Check out our website to view our vast range of services and solutions. Visit us today!

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