Important Questions to Ask Before Choosing Car Glass Company


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Car glass qualifies among the most important components of an automobile, which is why you must choose the car glass dealer after ample consideration. You may be tempted to drive down to the local car glass replacement service center near your house, but that is no guarantee of a good service. There are a few questions that you can ask the service center to ensure that they provide the best quality glass and prompt services. Myths about Damaged or Cracked Windshield 1. Are the technicians trained? It doesn’t really matter what quality of glass you choose for your vehicle if the technicians who install it are inexperienced. You don’t want trainees handling the expensive glass as incorrect installation can cause you an array of problems. Therefore, you must inquire whether the technicians have been duly trained; whether they hold a certificate of qualification. It would be wise on your part to walk away if they have been certified by the company itself. The best car glass company will train newbies for at least a year before they are allowed to install windshield glass without supervision. 2. What type of adhesive do they use? The adhesive ensures that the glass adheres to the frame of car, which is essential. There are several types of adhesives available in the market and the one the company uses determines its credibility. Silicone based adhesives have been used extensively in the past, but they have been superseded by polyurethane. The latter is 90 times stronger than its counterparts and preferred by reputable glass dealer companies. If they use polyurethane adhesive, then they can be trusted. 3. Do they offer warranty on workmanship? The glass is usually accompanied with warranty as provided by the glass manufacturers. However, what matters is whether you receive warranty on workmanship as well. We at Windshield Experts offer 1-year warranty on workmanship. Rest assured that you won’t face any problems with our services. If a company does not offer warranty on workmanship, it would serve you better to look for other companies that do, since you will find yourself in a fix if the glass is not replaced as per the necessary standards. 4. What kind of equipment and practices do they offer? Installing automotive glass is intricate work and requires precision and skill and the technicians are required to use the best tools possible. It takes 2 technicians to place the glass correctly, which is something you must ensure. Moreover, the technicians are required to wear gloves while installing the glass since the oils on their hands can transfer to the adhesive, affecting its efficacy. If you get reasonable answers to these questions, you have reached a respectable car glass company and you can avail their services. Contact Windshield Experts for prompt windshield solutions.

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