Ways to Assess the Damage Caused by a Rock Hitting Your Windshield


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Windshields in cars are made out of high-performance safety glass.  However, a rock or other debris can still cause considerable damage to the windshield. Rocks hitting and bouncing off the windscreen are a common enough sight for car owners. What follows is a damaged windshield that will need immediate repair or replacement, as the case may be.

As a common practice, most drivers are likely to overlook windshield damage and not take their car to repair crack in windshield. Nonetheless, the correct way to go about windshield damage is to assess the damage and then get the glass repaired or replaced by expert auto glass professionals. Below are a few steps that you must follow if you ever find yourself with a damaged car windshield.

Please Don’t Ignore a Damaged Windshield

Windshields in cars perform ample essential functions, which include providing structural support to the entire vehicle and its roof. So, a damaged windshield is a threat as awful as a front-end car collision. If you neglect a damaged windshield that can be repaired, you are risking the expansion of the chip or crack due to a sudden bump or jerk while driving. Therefore, if you recognise a crack or chip in the car windshield, rush to a professional to repair crack in windshield. The key is to act swiftly to avoid safety threats and higher costs.

Assess Your Windshield Closely

 As soon as you catch the sight of windshield damage, safely pull off the road and perform a quick inspection. You can clearly distinguish windshield damage into two distinct categories - chips and cracks.

A chip is a windshield damage that is visibly marked at the point of impact. Chips are further classified into different categories based on the shape of the impact. Star breaks, bull's eye, and half-moon are typical types of windshield chips. On the other hand, cracks are usually more distinct and severe than chips. They typically demarcate a horizontal line on the windshield, which can range anywhere between under an inch to even the entire width of the windshield.

Once you are done deciphering the damage between a chip and a crack, the next crucial step follows - repair or replacement.

Should You Get it Repaired?

 Deciding the windshield procedure can be a daunting task. When you seek consultation from a reputed auto glass service centre, they will always look for the scope of repair first. However, to determine the course of action, the professional takes a few pivotal factors under consideration, as discussed below.

Size of the Impact

As a general rule of thumb, a glass chip that exceeds 40mm in diameter is non-repairable. And thus, the only way through in such situations is a windshield replacement. Also, only two minor glass chips are repairable. So, the size of the windshield damage is critically inspected to decide whether to replace or repair it.

 Location of the Impact

 Location of the damage plays a vital role in settling on a final solution for the damaged windshield. For instance, if the damage is near the edge of the windscreen, repairing is not a feasible option. Why? Because it can threaten the structural integrity of the vehicle as windshields are responsible for more than half of the structural strength of your vehicle. Besides, to repair crack in windshield, the crack must not be in the driver's line-of-sight. If the windshield is repaired, it will cause distortions in the glass, and then the driver's vision gets obstructed while on the road. Thus, the only reasonable solution is the replacement of the windshield. 

Depth of the Impact 

As mentioned earlier, windshields are made out of laminated safety glass. So, while determining whether to repair crack in windshield or not, its depth is imperatively taken into consideration. For example, if the damage extends beyond the plastic interlayer, the professional will certainly suggest a windshield replacement. By repairing such damages, the integrity of the windshield gets compromised.

Wrapping up

A close and meticulous examination of the damaged windshield is the perfect way to arrive at a suitable approach for fixing it. Rest assured, expert technicians are equipped with the technology, skills, and tools to provide you with the best solution. On your part, you must act swiftly and never delay in seeking help from professional auto glass technicians. 

If you ever find yourself in a tough spot with your car windshield, AIS Windshield Experts can help you tackle the situation. Be it a minor chip or a crack, our team of certified experts will offer top-notch repair and replacement services to you. We stick by our “Repair First” policy to serve our valuable customers until a replacement is the last resort.

With a presence in 50+ cities across the country, AIS Windshield Experts is the largest auto glass service network in India. Visit us today to receive affordable and quick auto glass services with a guaranteed written warranty of one-year on workmanship and materials used.


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