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5 things to check after the XUV 500’s Windshield Replacement

September 3, 2021
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Today, it is very easy to get ripped off. Any person can claim to be an expert, and there is no way to authenticate whether the services offered are genuine or not, especially if the service is way too complicated. XUV 500 windshield replacement is a good example of such a service. Why?

Well, you might know when to get a replacement and who to go to, but verifying whether the job done is perfect or not is difficult. To make sure you don’t get easily ripped off when you get your XUV 500 windshield replacement, we have come up with a total of five things that indicate if the new windshield has been fitted properly or not.

Without any further delay, here are the five things to check after you get your XUV 500 windshield replacement:

1. An odd whooshing sound comes after the XUV 500 windshield replacement

The primary objective of a windshield is to make sure that the interiors of your car are safe from the elements of the outside world and the wind doesn’t bump into your face. If your XUV 500 windshield replacement were carried out faultlessly, you would only hear the sound of the AC or the engine when you are inside the car.

However, if you hear a whooshing sound (sound of moving air), then there are high chances that your XUV 500 windshield replacement was not performed correctly. This is because the sound of moving air usually comes when there is a space between the frame and the windshield.

The best way to ensure that there isn’t any whooshing sound is to take the car on a ride once the XUV 500 windshield replacement gets completed. If you hear any other peculiar sound apart from the AC or the car engine, take it back to the garage and ask about how to solve the problem.

2. A rattling sound comes after the XUV 500 windshield replacement

Apart from keeping your ears peeled for a whooshing sound, also look out for a rattling sound. A rattling sound generally comes when a material placed between a frame is loose or not fitted tightly. In the context of XUV 500 windshield replacement, a rattling sound means the windshield is not fitted properly.

If the person installing the windshield ignores even a couple of millimetres between the glue and the glass, it can lose fit. A loose glass doesn’t only result in annoying sounds but is also quite hazardous. This is because even a minor impact can result in the shattering of the glass. Hence, if you hear a rattling or a whooshing sound, ensure to get it checked out.

3. Water is leaking from the sides of the glass after XUV 500 windshield replacement

The last thing you want is water coming inside of your car and spoiling your interiors and electricals. To make sure that there isn’t any water leakage after your XUV 500 windshield replacement, ask the experts down at the garage to throw water at the windshield.

In case there is any leakage found, you could get it corrected right then and there. Most people tend to forget this factor and only find it the hard way when it rains.

4. Visual distortions after XUV 500 windshield replacement

If you see bumps, imperfections, or other visual distortions on the glass after the XUV 500 windshield replacement process has been completed, make sure to get it replaced immediately.

These issues mainly occur when you drive in direct sunlight and can significantly affect your driving judgement, such as not judging the space between your car and other vehicles. If you want to prevent this issue from even happening in the first place, make sure to ask whether your local garage uses top-quality glass or not!

5. Presence of old adhesive after XUV 500 windshield replacement

The most important thing an expert should do while replacing a windshield is removing the old adhesive. If it is not removed, it paves the way for poor and weak adhesion, which could lead to rattling sounds in the future.

To ensure the technician has removed the old adhesive properly, you must check around the frame and look for it as it is visible. If you come across any old adhesive, ask the expert to look into the matter immediately.

By looking out for these five things, you could make sure that your XUV 500 windshield replacement was carried out flawlessly. However, if you hear any whooshing or rattling sound from the windshield, it signifies that the replacement was not conducted properly. Also, look out for visual distortions on the glass, water leakages, and old adhesive, as these are symptoms of an XUV 500 windshield replacement job gone wrong!

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